Turner aiming for championship

Josiah Turner is coming into this season as one of the most hyped Arizona players in recent memory. Read on to see how he is approaching the season, what teammate has impressed him the most, and more.

The 2011 recruiting class is one of the more highly touted groups that has ever graced the campus at Arizona. Now that the season is quickly approaching, it is almost time for these players to show UA fans just what their made of on the court.

The most discussed player from that class has been point guard Josiah Turner. The top-rated high school point guard prospect in the country coming out of high school, Turner enters a school with a rich history at the position. Since deciding to become a Wildcat, Turner has been educated even more by head coach Sean Miller about the point guards that have worn an Arizona uniform in the past.

. "I liked it," Turner said. "He talked about Jason Terry, Mike Bibby and everyone that came here."

Turner even had an encounter with one of the most popular players in UA history when he paid the campus a visit a couple of months back.

"I met Damon Stoudamire over the summer," Turner said. "He couldn't play with us but he was just shooting around."

Turner has been working hard in preparation for the season ever since he arrived on campus. He immediately realized the physical difference between a high school and college athlete upon arrival and has been putting forth the effort to get his body where it needs to be to start the season.

"They are bigger and stronger when you first come to college out of high school," Turner said. "So you just have to put in work to get where they are at."

Out of the group of four freshmen, Turner believes there is one specific player that is physically ready to play right out of the gate.

"Most likely Nick," Turner said. "Nick Johnson has the best body. He's ready for college and he's ready for competition."

Strength and conditioning coach Chris Rounds has been often credited with getting young players ready for the grind of college basketball. Turner understands just how important Rounds is to the overall success of the Wildcats.

"He means a lot," Turner said. "He's real, real good. Coach Rounds is real good."

Many players are naturally skilled in the game of basketball, but Turner believes he was a bit more of a late bloomer. He knew he had potential as a young high school basketball player, but not until he started reaping the benefits of hard work did he realize how good he really was.

"I was okay," Turner said. "I was always alright until I put that effort in about freshman or sophomore year. I started getting better."

Originally, Turner was committed to another school dating back to his freshman year, but when he realized just how skilled he was, he decided to open everything back up.

"I had committed to Arizona State after my freshman year," Turner said. "I was kind of off the radar until that next summer (when) a lot of coaches started asking about me. So I thought I needed to go through the recruitment and decommitted."

Turner's main goal in college is very ambitious – win it all.

"To win a championship," Turner said. "That's the one team goal we've got so that's my one goal."

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