Notebook: Red and Blue Game

There were plenty of impressions to be had from Saturday's scrimmage. Read on to see notes on who played well, who did not, and more.

You definitely can't take too much away from a scrimmage, but there were still plenty of initial impressions that have to make Arizona fans intrigued.

  • Jesse Perry led all scorers with 20 points on 7-11 shooting and played well throughout the day. Perry improved with each game last season and there is an expectation that he will make another big jump this season. Perry hit three three-pointers and it is going to be a shot that the coaching staff does not have much of a problem with him taking, especially if he is open. Perry played some center on Saturday and still looked comfortable doing it, although it definitely will not be his primary or even secondary position.

  • Sidiki Johnson may have been one of the bigger surprises of the day, as he connected on all seven of his attempts from the field and even hit two from behind the arc. While Johnson has range, it is not something that the coaching staff wants to see too much of, as his strength is in the paint. Still, it is a scary thought for the opposition of Johnson is going to be consistent from decent range, as it makes him all that more dangerous.

  • Solomon Hill quietly had a very effective day, finishing with six assists. We have been clear in our thinking that Hill is not going to be a dominant scorer, but if he can get those six assist games with six rebounds and not turn the ball over, the UA coaching staff will be more than fine with it. Hill was extremely effective in the scrimmage and certainly made the players around him better.

  • Nick Johnson looks ready to contribute right away and it is apparent that he will be a fan favorite from the start. He finished with 17 points and showed nice range, hitting three of four from behind the arc. Johnson also showed a strong ability of getting into the lane and then making smart decisions with it. His athleticism is going to make him very difficult to guard for a lot of teams and a lineup with Johnson, Fogg, and Josiah Turner would be interesting to say the least.

  • Speaking of Turner, he struggled a little bit, but it is way too early to make a big deal out of it. Turner finished with four points, three assists, and four rebounds. His seemed to struggle some to get on the same page with his teammates, which is understandable considering Arizona has had less than ten practices so far. Those around the program are not worried about Turner at all and all things considered on Saturday, you shouldn't be either.

  • Kyryl Natyazhko looked to play with confidence on Saturday, making six of eleven shots on his way to scoring 13 points and grabbing five rebounds. Natyazhko took four three-point attempts and only made one, which is something that the coaching staff likely does not want to see in actual games. Natyazhko's strength is certainly not behind the line and during a regular game, he will be asked to stay more within his range. Still, it is nice to see him make some shots and look to be in shape.

  • Kyle Fogg was his normal self, scoring 15 points and finishing with four rebounds and four assists. Fogg was able to get five of his points on the line and is likely the best free-throw shooter on the team. He is the model of consistency and calmness for Arizona and the Wildcats looked to him as such even in a scrimmage.

  • Brendon Lavender was four of six from three and that is exactly what Arizona would like to see him do. It has been no secret that the general feeling is Lavender needs to play with more confidence and he definitely did not hesitate to shoot on Saturday. If Lavender can play with that same confidence, Arizona will be much better for it.

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