Kish looking at defensive options

Arizona interim head coach Tim Kish took time Monday to address Arizona's suspensions, the actual fight on Thursday, and more.

Tim Kish took the podium on Monday as a winning coach against an FBS team, which is something that Arizona had not had in almost a year up until the Wildcats' win over UCLA on Thursday.

Instead of focusing on the win, Kish chose to focus on the future, but had to first touch on the suspensions that resulted from Thursday's fight right before halftime.

"I was disappointed for both us and UCLA to be honest with you," Kish said. "As I mentioned to the team after the game and halftime, discipline is the cornerstone of where we are at right now and that was a lack of discipline."

Now that Arizona will be without Shaquille Richardson, Lyle Brown, Jourdon Grandon, and Mark Watley for varying amounts of time, Kish is looking for the best options on defense.

"We are looking at a couple options right now," he said. "Cortez Johnson is back and he does not have a lot of playing experience but he will be somebody we are definitely looking at. There is also a possibility of moving an offensive player or two just to get some emergency type bodies ready."

In addition, Tra'mayne Bondurant will likely play more, as he had an impressive performance against UCLA.

"Just the competitiveness that he played with," Kish said of what he liked. "He has some fire and he has great instincts. He can play a lot of positions for us. The rover position in the flex defense, that is where the ball goes. He did a heck of a job for just a week's worth of practice and understanding what was expected of him at that position."

As for what defensive formation Bondurant will be playing in, Kish chose not to go into detail.

"It (Flex defense) was a good byproduct of the offense that we saw with UCLA," Kish said. "How it fits right now we just have to kind of wait and see and see if that is really in our plans down the road, but we certainly are not going to shelve it for the rest of the year."

Arizona hopes that both Gino Crump and Juron Criner will be able to have their second consecutive successful week, as both went for over 100 yards against UCLA.

"It was awesome," Kish said. He (Crump) and Juron I think had two of the best weeks of practice last week. They really stepped up, were well prepared going out to practice and practiced hard and it is just a byproduct of guys being focused and ready to go.

"We have all challenged him (Criner) a little bit and he has responded well. He would be the first one to admit that he was not playing well as he expected himself to play, but it goes back to one day at a time and keeping your focus and doing the little things right to get yourself ready to play."

While the offense is likely to have some type of success, the Washington Huskies pose plenty of challenges for Arizona's defense, especially at quarterback with Keith Price.

"It is interesting," Kish said. "I think the coaches up there would say he is actually running the offense better than Jake Locker did. I have heard that several times. He's having a tremendous year. He is throwing the ball well, he moves well in the pocket. They stay in the framework of their offense with what they want to do with him and he is having a tremendous year so far."

In addition, Arizona will need an answer for UW running back Chris Polk, who Kish considers to be one of the best in the conference.

"He is probably as strong and physical of a back as we have in this league," he said. "I think he is a fantastic running back. People bounce off him. He is physical, hard-running, has a great knack for finding the hole. We have not really seen a back like him per say so far this year."

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