Wildcats excited for homecoming

Arizona's seniors will have their homecoming game against Utah on Saturday. Read on to see their reaction about the game and what the younger guys are feeling as well.

Saturday's game against Utah is a part of the Homecoming festivities taking place this weekend on the campus of the University of Arizona, and senior quarterback Nick Foles is excited to take the field for what will be his next to last time in front of the Wildcat faithful.

"It'll be special, every since game I'm playing from here on out is special," Foles said. "I'm excited about this week, the seniors talked today and we're just going to have fun out there. We're going to play the game we love; we're going to get better. These are the moments you cherish for the rest of your life, so we're going to make the most of it."

Even though UA finds itself with a 2-6 record through eight games, senior cornerback Trevin Wade is still fighting and trying his best to set a positive example for the team's younger players.

"I'm playing for God, for myself, and for my seniors out here," Wade said. "I'll never quit on anybody, especially not this team. I'm just going to come out here and fight.

"The seniors want to keep going, keep leading by example. Some of the younger guys have their heads down or are moping, but we need to keep going and pushing hard all out."

One of the younger players making an impact on the team that past few weeks has been defensive back Tra'Mayne Bondurant, who has caught the eye of his older teammate Wade.

"I'm very impressed with Tra'Mayne, he's very mature," Wade said. "He's probably ahead of all of the freshman in maturity. He's learning quick and he's not afraid to ask questions. He's doing well."

For Bondurant, the opportunity at playing time is something he knew would come and a chance he's been preparing mentally for since he arrived at Arizona.

"I knew my opportunity would come, so I just waited it out and stayed working hard at practice, stayed focus, tried not to get frustrated and let myself get down and not be ready for my opportunity," Bondurant said. "It came and I'm happy that I got my chance and I'm going to work hard.

"I really just have the confidence that my teammates and my coaches have for me. They tell me all week long I'm going to play well while I'm getting ready for the game and preparing. I'm making sure I stay confident and try not to get too nervous."

Along with Bondurant, Foles has seen definite improvement from the big men protecting him up front.

"They're picking things up better, they're picking up blitzes better," Foles said. "We didn't run the ball very well, but we didn't really run against Washington, we threw the ball a lot. They're confident out there and that's a big thing, the game is starting to slow down for them."

Perhaps the star young player of the offense is running back Ka'Deem Carey, who sees a lot of success in the program's future despite its shortcomings this year. "This whole program has a bright future ahead of us," Carey said. "We have a lot of young guys and we're making a good push. I feel like we'll be a great team in the future.

"We're young, and we have a lot of talent in the areas where we're young and a lot of talent all around. It's great to see that we're out there competing."

As Carey, Bondurant, and the rest of the young Arizona team prepares for a game against Utah, Foles insists that even though the squad doesn't have much to gain from a victory, that UA is still playing on Saturday and for the rest of the season for their love of the game.

"My mindset doesn't change, I expect to get better everyday," Foles said. "I didn't have my best game ever, that's history. We're here to win. We're going to work our tails off and analyze film and get better at what we can get better at. We're going to come out here and have sharp days, we had a sharp day today and move forward.

"You can't let it beat you down, this is a tough game sometimes. But at the end of the day, it's a game you love to play, and I love playing this game."

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