Wildcats continue to battle injuries

Arizona continues to battle injuries this season. Interim head coach Tim Kish met with the media on Monday to discuss those injuries and more.

Arizona gave a valiant effort against Washington on Saturday night, but fell short due to a few too many mistakes.

"There is no doubt that we had a 60 minute gutty performance," Arizona interim head coach Tim Kish said Monday. "The guys played hard from the first play to the last and the effort was never in question. In the end we really believe as a staff that we moved forward in this game regardless of the final outcome."

The offense struggled to find consistency throughout the game and Kish gave credit to the Huskies for showing different looks.

"We started to run the ball early," Kish said. "It wasn't great obviously early in that first quarter. Then they started blitzing us and loading up the box quite a bit. They just did so many different things defensively scheme wise to put so many people up front that we checked out a lot of our run game and went to the passing game. It is unfortunate because we did want to establish the run again."

In addition, the Wildcats battled injuries, as it already had a depleted secondary due to suspensions from the UCLA game.

"We are day to day with Golden, I think we will get him back this week but he won't be practicing a lot this week," Kish said. "Cortez (Johnson) is doubtful. Second concussion. They are not confirming it is a true concussion yet, so they are doing some more testing, but if it is in any way shape or form even near a concussion because it is his second, it won't be this week.

"Shaquille Richardson is nursing a high ankle sprain from last week, which was disappointing. It happened in our last practice on Thursday. I hope we get him back but there is no guarantee there."

In addition, Arizona will be without an offensive player, as Dan Buckner injured himself in Saturday's game.

"Shoulder separation," Kish said of Buckner's injury. "They are testing that a little bit more to see what exactly that entails but he is definitely a guy that will not play this weekend."

One of the bright spots of last weekend and the past two games has been the play of freshman Tra'Mayne Bondurant.

"Honestly we were trying to find a place for him on the field," Kish said. "We moved him around a lot. We had him at nickel and we had him at corner. I wanted him at linebacker, especially because of the depth we had but it was just too early at the beginning of the fall to do that.

"He won't come off the field the rest of the year. We will find a place for him to play, probably keep him at nickel this week and move Jourdon Grandon out to corner because we have some injury issues to deal with."

Kish also took some time Monday to issue an apology of sorts as to how the linebacker situation was handled earlier in the season.

"Rob Hankins to be honest with you, that was merciless on my part to put him in those early games and not have him ready to go," he said. "We were in a little bit of a quandary with what to do. I moved Derek Earls to SAM thinking it would be easier to put a younger guy in between two older guys.

"It was a bad decision on my part, absolutely a bad decision. Hank Hobson came in and he got hurt in that USC game. He is going to play a lot of special teams and I am trying to get him back in the mix."

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