Heytvelt eyeing four impressive schools

Last summer Josh Heytvelt was looking at in-state schools like Gonzaga, Washington and Washington State. Rumors had it that he had committed to either the Bulldogs or Cougars, but both proved to be just that, rumors. This summer Heytvelt is a highly regarded recruit. The Bulldogs are the only in-state program still involved and the other three programs on his list are big time schools.

"It's down to Arizona, Gonzaga, Oregon and Kansas," Clarkston, Washington Forward Josh Heytvelt said.

Heytvelt is another athletic combo-forward on the Wildcats' recruiting wish list. At 6-9 he may be more suited for the power forward, Heytvelt may very well be quick enough to be an effective wing as well. He is a great outside shooter who also plays well with his back to the basket. He's got good size, a nice frame and scouts rave about his hands.

Heytvelt was one of the players who Washington got in trouble for contacting during a quiet period. The Huskies are no longer in the hunt, but it is obvious that Heytvelt is a talent worth pursuing. He seems to trail only fellow Washington standout Marvin Williams as the top forward on the West Coast.

The recruiting process is always crazy and the Washington incident only serves to make it crazier, but so far Heytvelt isn't fazed.

"It actually hasn't been that bad," Heytvelt confessed. "All of these colleges call and want me to come visit and I like that. It has been a little more difficult for my parents and my coach. They want to talk about (where I'm going) and want to know now, but I just don't want to talk about it that much."

Heytvelt has said in the past that he does not plan on making an early decision and seems to be sticking with that. He wants to make his visits and investigate the schools on his list. He has a list of criteria that he is looking for, and seems to know what he wants in a school.

"The type of players and coaches as well as the people I'll be around and whether I'll like them is important to me," Heytvelt said. "Also, whether we'll go to the (NCAA) tournament."

Although he is not in a rush to choose a school, he does feel the pressure from those around him. Although he says staying close to home is not necessarily a priority, it does seem to be a factor to family members.

"It would be my dad's dream for me to go to LCSC (Lewis-Clark State College), and Gonzaga an Oregon are the closest to where I'm from, so my parents want me to go either one," said Heytvelt. "But I don't know if I want to stay in state, I wouldn't mind going some place across the U.S. Everyone tells me that while it's not a big deal now, that it would be cool having my parents attend all of my home games. But they (parents) also said they might move if I go away somewhere. So yeah, it can be difficult with students and other people telling me where I should go." Heytvelt is a two-sport star. Although basketball is his first love, he is a very talented baseball player as well.

"I like basketball because coaches and schools have really been looking at me a lot and I haven't been recruited a lot by many schools for baseball," said Heytvelt. "However, I've been told by my coaches that I could play baseball and I have heard some small talk that scouts have watched me pitch. But, I really enjoy playing basketball."

In either sport it is the big play that appeals to Heytvelt. He likes to get the crowd excited by making an impact.

"My favorite thing about baseball is striking people out," Heytvelt said. "I really like that. In basketball I like dunking."

Heytvelt seems unassuming off the court, but on the court it is another story. In summer tournaments he has a fiery demeanor. He's not out of control, but he is pumped up on the court. He says that his demeanor totally depends on where and who he is playing.

"When I play in Seattle I talk a lot more to try and get the other team mad," Heytvelt confessed. "I drew five or six charges in my last tournament because they got upset and I got into their heads. When I'm playing for my high school (Clarkston High) I try to play it a little cooler because I need to stay in the game longer."

Heytvelt is a good student as well. He has a 3.0 GPA and has no worries about the SAT. He's very goal oriented and always striving to improve.

"I want to get stuff done," Heytvelt said. "When I was younger, I wanted to dunk a basketball and I eventually did it. Then I did it in a game. At one point I wanted to get a 3.0 GPA, and once I got it in my head, I just did it."

Heytvelt may be one of the West Coasts' top players, but he isn't satisfied. He is a hard worker who still has the desire to improve.

"I want to work on a dribble drive, with a jump stop and power lay in, dunk or jump shot. I also want to improve my shooting and defense."

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