Farmar has a number of variables to consider

The Jordan Farmar saga continues. The highly touted point guard from Los Angeles has some of the nation's top programs in hot pursuit, but he isn't tipping his hand. A decision could come as soon as next week, but Farmar clearly won't make a hasty, uninformed decision.

The Wildcats are going hard after Jordan Farmar but will have to wait for an answer. Farmar originally indicated that he would not take any more visits and could decide at any time. That has changed a bit.

Farmar took an official visit to UCLA after making an unofficial visit just a few weeks back. He went to the Gibbons Tournament of Champions in North Carolina and won't make a decision until next week at the earliest.

"He's going to play in the tournament this weekend, take some time to think about it, and then decide maybe next week or the week after," his mother, Mindy Kolani, told the Insiders.

It is still between Arizona, Gonzaga, Florida and UCLA. It is not certain how much ground the Bruins have made up. In the past Farmar has indicated that he wanted to get away from Los Angeles, but the hiring of Ben Howland have made the Bruins a player. There is immediate playing time at UCLA. The Bruins don't have a reliable point guard on the roster and even if Cedric Bozeman or Ryan Walcott emerge, both would be seniors when Farmar arrives on campus. Farmar is from Los Angeles and has a lot of family in the area. It may be intriguing for him to stay home and be the cornerstone of Howland's first recruiting class. UCLA's academics do not hurt. Farmar is an excellent student and his mother has stressed from the beginning of the recruiting process that academics are important.

Florida has made Farmar a priority. The Gators do not believe that Anthony Roberson will play four years and incoming freshman Ryan Appleby may not be a deterrent.

"They think Roberson could leave early," Farmar said of Florida prior to his visit. "They have Appleby coming in, but until he plays they are not sure about him. I think I can play right away there."

Florida's up-tempo style and penchant for going to the bench is a clear appeal to Farmar. He knows that even if he is not the starter in Gainesville, playing time could still be readily available.

Farmar loved his visit to Gonzaga and the Bulldogs are an obvious player for the talented player from Taft High School. Farmar would surely see the floor early and Gonzaga's recent tournament success is a clear appeal. The Bulldogs are attracting better and better recruits and Farmar could further bolster the Bulldog's ever-improving roster. The competition in the WCC is a concern and could be a major hurdle in Mark Few's pursuit of Farmar.

"It has a lot going for it," confessed Farmar. "The only negative is that they play in a small conference." Arizona has a deep backcourt and that could keep the point guard from coming to Tucson. He had a great visit back in March and his father has great respect for the program from when he lived in Phoenix. Mustafa Shakur would only be a sophomore when Farmar arrives as a freshman and it is not inconceivable that Salim Stoudamire and Chris Rodgers could also be point guards on the roster. Things could be further clouded by the commitment of Nic Wise. The young point guard would be a freshman when Farmar is a junior.

Of course the Cats aren't convinced that they won't have a space for Farmar to contribute immediately. Recent history has indicated that players can jump to the pros or transfer at any time. Another factor is that Shakur has yet to play a college game and neither Stoudamire nor Rodgers has proven they are true point guards.

Farmar is well aware of the situation at Arizona and knows that nothing will come easy to him, no matter who is on the roster. He is also aware that this type of competition is what makes Wildcat players successful in the pros.

Farmar did have the benefit of not only meeting the team on his visit, but meeting some recruits as well. Ndudi Ebi, Jawann McClellan and Nic Wise were in town as well that weekend.

"I like the guys and love the Coaches, Olson, Tention and Pastner," Farmar said.

Farmar can't really go wrong with any of the schools on his list. All four look to be contenders in the NCAA Tournament for years to come. The schools have also sent successful point guards to the NBA in recent seasons. He won't make a rash decision and we may know what school gets the heady point guard in the next few weeks.

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