Tarczewski's father comfortable with Arizona

Kaleb Tarczewski's parents have been with him every step of the way in his recruitment. Read on to get a closer look from his father, Erick, along with thoughts on Arizona and Kansas, and more.

Even though Kaleb Tarczewski grabbed all of the headlines nearly two week when he committed to Arizona over Kansas, his father Erick Tarczewski knows that his son's tremendous opportunity has not come without some assistance from several coaches and mentors that have helped his son along the way.

"It's really amazing to me that he's had all of these opportunities he's had all along," Tarczewski said. "Our family is so grateful to Jay Murphy, Dave Lubick, T.J. Gassnola, and John Carroll, they've really helped my son to come along and helped him to achieve these goals."

It's been highly publicized how much difficulty Kaleb had in making his commitment to Arizona, but his father admits that having to deliver the bad news to Kansas wasn't easy for him either.

"It was really hard because Kansas has been recruiting Kaleb for two and a half years," Tarczewski said. "We really had a relationship with Joe Dooley, but at the end of the day, we decided Arizona had some more pieces in place at the current time that we were looking for for Kaleb's future. It was really difficult for Kaleb and even myself to tell Kansas that he wasn't coming."

The younger Tarczewski is one of the top players in the country already, and he still has so much room to grow. For Erick, while he's seen a lot of strides from his son already, he knows that there are still improvements to be made and knows that dedicating himself even further to basketball will surely get it done.

"He definitely needs to improve on his offense," Tarczewski said. "He's done a lot of work on that in the last year, and he's continuing to work on that. I'm confident he's really going to put that together well, especially when he gets to the college level and he's able to work on basketball every day.

"Even at the prep school he's at right now, he has pretty limited time where he's able to get into the gym. It's a high academic school and it's important to our family that he have that educational piece as well. We want him to be well-rounded and have a good balance in his life."

As Signing Day approached and Kaleb had yet to make a decision, his father accompanied him on visits to Lawrence and Tucson for official visits in an effort to gather the final details necessary.

Mr. Tarczewski admits that before arriving for his son's official visit to Arizona, he had his doubts about whether his son was even a good fit for the program. However, after spending the weekend in Tucson, he had all of the information he needed to be more comfortable with his son's decision to become a Wildcat.

"Both programs are just fantastic," Tarczewski said of Kansas and Arizona. "I'm really glad I went out on the second visit with Kaleb because I had some really big concerns about style of play and how Kaleb would fit in there. Those questions were answered for me watching practice and watching the Red/Blue game and talking with coach Miller."

While the elder Tarczewski may not have as much experience with Arizona's head coach as he would like, he has nothing but good things to say about his son's future mentor.

"I've only had some limited time with Sean Miller," Tarczewski said. "I was out there in the summer with Kaleb as well. He just seems like a really hard working, determined guy. He just seems really honest to me. I really trust the things that he says."

And while the decision to let down Kansas and go with Arizona was a tough one for the Tarczewski family, Erick foresees a great opportunity for his son in Tucson.

"I'm very happy with Kaleb's decision," Tarczewski said. "I think he's got a great chance at being successful there. He's going to have a good balance in his life with education and basketball and just continue to develop into a fine young man."

So while national championships, individual awards and a possible NBA career are possibly in his son's future, the elder Tarczewski has a much more basic goal for Kaleb's Arizona career.

"I just hope he's able to have some fun," Tarczewski said. "That's something he's looking for is to be able to have a little fun as well. Just getting to meet the other recruits that are coming in and their families, they all seem like really nice kids. I think they'll do well together as a team and off the court as well."

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