Getting to know Kaleb Tarczewski

We already know what type of player Kaleb Tarczewski is, but what about the person? Read on to find out more about Arizona's five-star center.

What's your favorite NBA team?

Boston Celtics, they've been my favorite through everything.

Favorite NBA player?

Kevin Garnett. I really like his intensity and his willingness to put in the work

Who's your favorite musician?


What's your favorite movie?

The Town or Casino

Who's your biggest role model?

My parents

What's the best advice anyone's ever given you?

Probably to just always work hard.

What's the highlight of your basketball career?

I would say the highlight of my career will be a few days from now when I sign my letter of intent. Everything has been a highlight to me, it's been so unexpected and I'm really grateful for everything.

What's your biggest goal at Arizona?

I just want to have fun and get better at basketball.

What's one word to describe Sean Miller?


What's one word to describe yourself?

I know it's not one, but I'd have to go with hard-working.

Pac-10 team you're most excited to play against?

I'm not too familiar with the Pac-12, but I'd have to go with UCLA or Arizona State. I hear those are pretty good games.

Expectations for Arizona this season?

I think they're going to do pretty well. I don't have any expectations for them, we'll just see where they go.

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