Patience pays off for York

Gabe York's transition from a prospect to an Arizona commitment happened relatively fast. Read on to see York's thoughts on the process, what he feels about Arizona, and more.

At the beginning of the summer, one name started getting hot on the recruiting trail in regards to Arizona. A sharp shooting, athletic guard out of Orange County was putting up a lot of points against a lot of different teams.

Then in a game against Indiana Elite in July, Gabe York couldn't miss. After making a bevy of three pointers and getting to the basket as well, the talent guard finished with 46 points and it became a talking point across the country.

It has been a long road for York but one that has been traveled with hard work, determination and filled with people who have nothing but love for him. And it all started when he was in middle school.

"I started eighth grade playing with the Compton Magic and no one knew who I was," said York. "I really didn't know what to expect so I just went out in played. I did ok, and then I started playing with the 17's and that's when I started getting more attention and college coaches started coming to my games. I remember I got my first letter from UCLA and then got flyers from the rest of the Pac-10.

"I never declined any coaches' calls. I knew that they were calling me because they wanted me to play for their school. It was a blessing that they were calling me and didn't take that for granted."

The relationship with Arizona had not been as long as some other recruitments may have been, but when the 6-foot-2, 170-pound guard from Orange Lutheran in Southern California stepped foot on campus, things started to change.

"I didn't know [much] until I got there," explained York. "Some of the facilities were still under construction when I got there but they were still able to show me a lot and I loved it. I knew I would fit in that system and I get along with the coaches really well. Sean Miller, Coach Whitford, and Coach Book are all great. Transitioning to the point guard spot is something really important and I knew Sean Miller could get me there."

A common point with recruits when talking about Arizona is Sean Miller. And make no mistake about it, there is a good reason why all of them are speaking his praises.

Miller has made this program about the players again and the recruits and current players love that. When recruiting a player, Miller tells them that hard work is required and eventually it will pay off.

"I know he is going to work me harder than anyone ever has before," said York. "I know that I have to work and it is going to be a big transition from high school, but Coach Miller is going to get me better. He tells me that I need to prepare to work hard and I like that. Coach Miller played point guard so he knows how to play the position and he can get me there. All these things made me comfortable with the school."

When York made his commitment to Arizona on July 10 he was still in the middle of the first July evaluation period and surrounded by his peers on the AAU circuit.

Now that some of the nostalgia has died down, York says that a lot has changed and he is settling into his senior year in high school.

"Things have changed a lot," York said. "No more calls to start. Three years of phone calls does a lot to you and it was good to get that weight off of my shoulders. A lot of people congratulate me, others say watch out for UCLA. My high school teammates have been supportive and they will all be there when I sign my papers."

At this year's Red-Blue scrimmage in Tucson, York was joined by fellow 2012 commitment class Brandon Ashley and Grant Jerrett. They also had the opportunity to hang with Kaleb Tarczewski, who at the time was picking between Arizona and Kansas.

The trio assisted Miller and his coaching staff in impressing Tarczewski, who eventually made the pledge for Arizona and help solidify the top recruiting class in the country. York says that togetherness will make this group special.

"We all get along really well," explained York. "I have known most of the guys for a long time since we all play AAU. I've known Grant Jerrett since I started AAU back in ninth grade and I met Brandon Ashley a little time after that. I didn't meet Kaleb until Adidas Nations and we instantly clicked. I would throw him lobs or passes and he just knew where to be. He and Grant are great big men and Brandon is a beast, so I can't wait to play with them."

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