Kish looking for more effort

Interim head coach Tim Kish made it clear that he feels some players did not give full effort against Colorado. Read on for his reaction, what he thinks the next coach needs to bring, and more.

If Arizona is going to lose games while competing hard, interim coach Tim Kish likely would not have an issue with the current team.

Instead, his message at Monday's press conference was clear.

"I feel the same way that we felt after the game," Kish said. "We felt that the team that played the hardest won the game."

Kish insinuated that there were numerous players that did not give full effort and thus we can expect some lineup changes for Saturday's game.

"I would expect that to change," he said. "We are just going to play the guys that prepare the hardest this week and practice the hardest. We will make that decision at the end of the week who goes."

Unfortunately, Kish says that the lack of effort is not surprising and happens often with a team that is losing like the Wildcats currently are.

"I would say it is a common occurrence when things are not going your way," Kish said. "Hopefully we have a bunch of competitors on this team and I believe we do. I am not sold that it is across the board right now."

However, Kish believes that the team should have plenty of motivation for Saturday considering the opponent.

"For these guys, this is where they are graduating from," he said. "This is where they have spent their college football career and for them, at the end of the day, to have an opportunity for the seniors to go out winning three out of four should be important to them. For the rest of these kids and this team, beating your rival will be a long-lasting memory for them."

As Kish's career at Arizona comes closer to a possible end, he took some time to reflect on what he has learned as a head coach.

"It is great to be in front of these kids and leading them," Kish said. "Was I able to foresee all the possibilities of things happening across the board? I think when you wear both hats it is a little bit challenging. I wouldn't change anything that has happened prior to now and I would expect us to come out and fight and scratch and do everything we can to win this football game on Saturday."


  • Kish gave an injury report for Saturday's game and there were not a lot of surprises.

    "C.J. Parish is doubtful," he said. "Sione Tuihalamaka is probable. He came out early in the game with his elbow. He had an infection in there and just couldn't straighten it out. Jowyn Ward is doubtful with a high ankle sprain. Justin Washington is doubtful, he has a MCL, so he will probably not play. Trevin Wade is probable and Dan Buckner is probable."

  • When asked what the next coach needs to do to be successful at Arizona, Kish was quick to point to discipline.

    "Nothing will change without the discipline factor being involved," Kish said. "That is the very first thing I came up with. I felt that was necessary midway through. I think it is even more necessary a month into it. When you say discipline, you are talking about the issues kids have control of.

    "Their ability to do all the little things right, get up and go to class, take care of their bodies, try to block out all the distractions, because it is definitely a challenge for a Division I student athlete to be able to handle the academic load and the athletic load I think."

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