Sky's the limit for Jerrett

Not many people know Grant Jerrett better than his current coach Eric Cooper, Sr. Read on to see his thoughts on Jerrett, the other members of the class, and more.

Even though Eric Cooper, Sr. is not Grant Jerrett's father, he jokes that since they spend so much time together, he might as well be. The best friend to his own son Eric Cooper, Jr., the elder Cooper is very happy for Jerrett's opportunity to sign his Letter of Intent with the Arizona Wildcats this season.

"Grant is my own kid," Cooper, Sr. said while laughing. "I'm very proud of him, he's a coach's dream. All of the credit has to go to his mom and dad, they turned him into a good person. His father gave him the 6-foot-11 height and together his parents did well. That's the key to his success, is continuing to be a good kid."

For Cooper, Sr. and the rest of the people in Jerrett's life, his signing with a high-major program is something they've seen coming for a long time due to the hard work of the nation's 23rd ranked player in the class of 2012.

"We always thought he would be a Division-I player as long as he learned all of the stuff we had to teach him," Cooper, Sr. said. "If he grew anywhere near to where his father was, then we knew it was a possibility. The biggest thing is how he decided to be involved with the clinics and the workouts, those became more important than the games and most people don't get that early on.

"He understood that and he came religiously to what we call our quick shot workout and he is a quick shot specialist. He's been in there by himself, it didn't matter who was in there, he came. Even if it was with a bunch of nine, 10, and 11 year olds, he'd be there at 6-foot-7 with a bunch of little kids, he didn't care."

With his work ethic already in place, Cooper, Sr. believes Jerrett has a tremendous opportunity to make use of the resources at Arizona and become a productive college basketball player.

"I think the thing that Arizona specializes in is getting their kids bodies ready for the next level," Cooper, Sr. said. "I think Arizona is going to put some weight on him and make him a great college player because they're going to put muscle and mass to match his skill level. Those things together will be incredible with his wing span and his body mass, it's going to be incredible."

When all of the pieces come together for Jerrett, Cooper, Sr. foresees a solid career in his future.

"I think the sky is the limit for Grant," Cooper, Sr. said. "It's not something Grant and I talk about. We plan on him getting his degree in four years and serving Sean Miller and the community as best possible while he's there.

"That's kind of how I am; wherever I am I just try to make it the most winningest thing I'm doing and I'll worry about the next level when the opportunity comes up. Grant is the exact same way."

As a coach of Jerrett's Belmont Shore AAU team, Cooper, Sr. has had the unique opportunity to watch all of the members of the class of 2012 from a coaching standpoint and sees a great things for Arizona ahead.

"All of the 2012 guys are California guys, most of them at least, and they're just cool relaxed folks," Cooper, Sr. said. "I don't know Kaleb too much, but I know Brandon (Ashley) and Gabe (York) off the court really well. On the court they have different games, so when you have a bunch of kids that have size on them and can really hoop and they all play different positions, that's great.

"Grant and Brandon are the same height, but they're totally different players. If you put them both on the court, they'll kill you in different ways. Gabe can score 50 in a game, so he's going to be tremendous also.

"I think they're due to have their best season barring injuries and health and stuff like that. Grant is a tremendous athlete and he has some good pieces around him that Arizona hasn't had to this point, good solid pieces. Everybody can shoot it, everybody can pass and dribble, and I think those pieces are going to be great."

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