2012 Recruiting Awards

With the 2012 recruiting class possibly being complete, WildcatAuthority.com takes a closer look and hands out some awards.

Best pro potential

Blake Keathley: While all of the members of the class of 2012 all have their own unique skill sets and are obviously talented, Ashley is the nation's number three ranked player for a reason. With a variety of post moves and an ability to finish that allows him to capitalize on them, Ashley already has the makings of an effective forward in the NBA someday.

As he continues to improve on his quickness and his jump shot and becomes more versatile, Ashley should blossom into a prospect that NBA scouts will be quite fond of. He comes in with the most diverse skill set of anyone in Arizona's 2012 class, and the guidance of Sean Miller should only develop more talent for an already elite level talent.

Rahsaan Gethers: This award goes to Brandon Ashley, who has great pro potential due to the fact that he is so versatile and can do a lot of things very well. He has a great face up game that continues to get better as he gets stronger by the year. With his transition to Findlay Prep, Ashley will go up against the best players in the country almost every week and get ready for the next level.

Ashley's game is also what a lot of players at his size are doing in the NBA. Players that are about 6-foot-8 or 6-foot-9 can play inside out and are looked at to score a lot of points. Ashley is already excelling at a high level in the paint as it is tough for opponents to check him face up while he is also getting better at hitting the shot from about 18 feet out.

Jason Nimrichter: Jerrett possess a wide variety of skills and with his 6-foot-10 frame, he has the size to play multiple positions at the professional level. Jerrett can play effectively both inside and out on offense and has the potential to be a team's primary scorer if he continues to develop at the pace he is. His ability to shoot from outside could allow him to take on multiple positions, even at the professional level.

Jason Scheer: In my opinion, Jerrett already has the fundamentals of a pro. The key for him will be to get stronger, but he is already so fundamentally sound due to his hard work, that I don't see it being much of a problem. Ashley comes in a close second here, but because Jerrett is already so polished, I gave him the advantage.

It is not every day that you see a high school player that knows exactly what to do in the post or never seems to make a wrong decision, but that is what Jerrett is at the moment.

Most likely to make an immediate impact

Blake Keathley: Jesse Perry will be leaving the program in May, giving Ashley a major opportunity to come in at the four position and make an immediate impact. Offensively, Ashley has a complete skill set and can really play well down in the paint as well as hit jump shots out to eighteen feet or so. Defensively, a year under coach Michael Peck at Findlay Prep will get Ashley prepared to come in and hold his own in Sean Miller's system. Much will be expected of Ashley from the moment he arrives on campus, and he'll almost certainly rise to the challenge.

Rahsaan Gethers: Arizona will have a need to have scoring at the four position with the loss of Jesse Perry. Sean Miller will have a decision to play Solomon Hill at that position and Kevin Parrom at the three but will still need relief to come in and provide production in rebounding and scoring. That is where Brandon Ashley comes in. Ashley will be a matchup nightmare and if he can pick up the system quickly, he will no doubt have the opportunity to have an immediate impact.

Jason Nimrichter: York is a shooter that isn't afraid to control of a game when necessary. Kyle Fogg departs after this year which should give York an early chance to make an impact off the bench at the very least. York is an athletic player who can finish around the rim but also possesses the ability to knock down shots from long range with consistency.

The other three players from the 2012 class all have the potential to make big impacts, but there could be a log jam in the middle in their freshmen seasons due to the number of big men vying for playing time. While York will have to battle for time too, there is more of a chance for him to play big minutes early than the other three.

Jason Scheer: Due to the fact that Ashley can play small forward or a hybrid of some sort, I like him for this award. Ashley will have an easier time playing with other players because of the fact that he can play at the three as well. I was close to picking Kaleb Tarczewski not necessarily because I think he is ready, but because he is a true center and I can see him getting minutes right away.

Best offensive player

Blake Keathley: With one of the purest jump shots of anyone in the class of 2012, York has the ability to fill it up from anywhere on the floor. Whether with a deep three or with an emphatic slam in traffic, York is an electrifying player with the ball in his hands and is always looking to score.

He has a high motor and is always looking to make plays, and never lacks confidence when putting up his shot. With a killer instinct and a swagger that few others possess, York is one of the top scorers in the class of 2012, and certainly the best scorer of Arizona's four signees.

Rahsaan Gethers: Gabe York takes this award. Anytime you have a player who can score 50 plus points in any given game it is not by simple chance. York can really fill it up. He has a great stroke from deep but the challenge he will have at the next level will be to be more consistent with shooting. Getting to the basket is also a strength of York's as he plays high above the rim. York wants to transition to point guard but must not deviate away from being able to score the ball also.

Jason Nimrichter: Jerrrett's versatility for a big man is going to pay big dividends for him at the college level. On the offensive end of the floor, he can score from anywhere, which will open up the floor for everyone else. He can also make a significant impact on the offensive glass. If Jerrett can push his way into the rotation early, it will be due to his offense excelling.

Jason Scheer: York's ability to get hot and score in bunches gives him the advantage here. In reality, I can see York as the type of player that comes off the bench his freshman year and gives a huge spark to the team because he is athletic enough to dunk on someone and a good enough shooter to hit a three.

In terms of pure scoring ability, York is easily the best in the class and he proved why on the AAU circuit, where there were not many, if any, better scorers than him.

Best defensive player

Blake Keathley: A legitimate 6'10'', Jerrett really improved his presence defensively over the summer and has emerged as a good shot blocker. With great length, instincts, and timing, Jerrett is aggressive and looks to affect shots in the lane as well as prevent them from even reaching the rim. Once he adds some weight and some bulk as a part of Chris Rounds' weight program, Jerrett will be an absolute nightmare in the middle of the paint for Arizona for years to come.

Rahsaan Gethers: This is a tough one. While Arizona has three five-star players none of them are exceptional defenders now but have the opportunity to evolve under the teachings of Miller. Each has shown that they can step up to the plate and defend tough opponents and Kaleb Tarczewski has defended some very talented players really well.

Tarczewski may be 7-feet tall and is not known for his shot blocking ability, but has a lot of power. He does a good job of using his body to make it tough for opponents to score. Every big man does not need to block shots, but they do have to force offensive players to be uncomfortable around the basket. Tarczewski has done that against quicker and more athletic big men.

Jason Nimrichter: All four members of Arizona's class need work defensively, but that's the case with most high school basketball players. Tarczewski is big, tall and long and, in the Pac-12, his 7-foot frame is going to serve him well on the defensive end of the floor. He isn't on the level that current Arizona center Angelo Chol was a year ago, but he certainly has the build and the tools to become a very good defender.

Jason Scheer:: This was one of the tougher ones for me because each player has the ability to get much better defensively and will have to if they want to play. Tarczewski is who I went with even though he is not a shot blocker. He is strong enough to hold his own in the post and big enough to make life difficult for opposing defenses.

This summer, we saw Tarczewski do a solid job on Cameron Ridley and a few other legitimate big men, so I have faith that he can continue to improve and be a real asset for Arizona defensively.

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