Getting to know Matt Troupe sits down with freshman pitcher Matt Troupe to discuss his goals, the current team, and more.

For many players on the Arizona baseball team, fall ball is a time to brush up on their skills and get ready for another college baseball season. But for freshman pitcher Matt Troupe, fall ball is the start of what he hopes to be very successful college baseball career at Arizona. caught up with the freshman to hear how his first month as an Arizona Wildcat baseball player has gone.

WildcatAuthority: How has your first fall ball experience been overall?

Matt Troupe: This is just a big learning experience. In high school I didn't learn too much about pitching, but here I come to the yard every day. Coach Cole and coach Lopez are teaching us new things every day and now it's just kind of about putting all those things together.

WildcatAuthority: Are there still things you can take away from those outings where maybe you don't have your best stuff?

Matt Troupe: It's definitely a confidence boost to know that I can have a bad outing and still get out of innings without allowing runs. I just know the next day I need to take a step in the right direction and I need to just keep getting better so I don't put myself in these situations.

WildcatAuthority: You've already mentioned the difference between D-I college baseball and high school. What are the main differences that stick out to you?

Matt Troupe: Every single hitter I faced was his specific high school's best hitter. The hitters are a lot smarter and aggressive. You just can't take a hitter off. Every hitter is dangerous up here.

WildcatAuthority: Any personal goals coming into your first year with the team?

Matt Troupe: I just want to do whatever I can to help this team go to Omaha. Whether it's starting, coming out of the bullpen, any innings I get I'm prepared to take advantage of.

WildcatAuthority: What's been your favorite part of fall ball this year?

Matt Troupe: I'm going to have to say the intra squads. Competing is always fun, I mean that's why we play the game.

WildcatAuthority: What's been your least favorite part?

Matt Troupe: Oh man. Wow, I don't know. I don't want to get in trouble or anything.

WildcatAuthority: Don't worry Johnny Field gave an answer and I don't think he got in trouble, unless that's him running laps behind us.

Matt Troupe: (laughing) Ok, ok. Well the early morning conditionings aren't the most fun thing in the world I'll tell you that. The power baseball we do after intra squads isn't great either, but we do what we need to. All this stuff helps us get better.

WildcatAuthority: Just thought I'd let you know that's pretty much the exact answer Johnny (Field) gave me. I'm on to you guys.

Matt Troupe: (laughing) Really? Well I kind of have a feeling a lot of guys would have given that answer.

WildcatAuthority: So I've heard Eric Gagne is one of your favorite players, is that the reason for the glasses?

Matt Troupe: Yeah, you guessed it man.

WildcatAuthority: So does this mean you want to be a closer?

Matt Troupe: (laughing) Like I said, I'll do whatever I have to do to help the team win. It doesn't matter to me.

WildcatAuthority: What's the overall goal for the team this year?

Matt Troupe: Win the conference and get to Omaha, no doubt.

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