Perry sees room for improvement

Jesse Perry has gotten off to a solid start this season, but feels he has some things to work on. Read on to see his thoughts on the team, what he must to do improve, and more.

Arizona has lost its last two games and there is no hiding the fact that there are some struggles going on right now.

However, there is still plenty of talent and while the team will likely eventually be just fine, Jesse Perry knows that there is some work that needs to be done.

"Everybody is still trying to get on the same page," Perry said "We still have a lot of freshmen and we are trying to get them to learn the offense real well. The new guys are just trying to be leaders.

"Me, Fogg, and Solo are trying to step up and have a bigger role. We are not where we need to be right now but I think we will get there over time."

As far as Perry is concerned, he feels that the team still has some work to do in order to gel and be more comfortable with each other.

"Just going out there and playing hard, trying to develop as a team," Perry said of what Arizona needs to do. "Everybody has natural talent, but we are just trying to put it together as one. Just keep getting better is the most important thing. For me, it is going out there and being the leader and playing hard and just letting the game come to me."

Perry has gotten off to a solid start this season, but has had to deal with being thrust into the center position as he seems to be the most effective option there right now.

"I was learning the three and the four before this and now I am learning the five also," Perry said. "Just having those three positions in my head at one time can get confusing and that is the problem I am having a little bit now."

Alex Jacobson has experience at the center position and says that it is difficult to learn the plays because of the different responsibilities.

"The biggest thing is probably learning the plays," Jacobson said. "Jesse really does not have any experience at the five. He has done a pretty good job, but just learning the stuff at the position because each one has a different role."

Although Perry is still learning plays, he has done very well on the glass and knows what he can attribute that to.

"I guess you could say I am being more aggressive and not really waiting for anybody else to go and get it," Perry said. "I know it is something we need to get better at. Being a smaller team we need to go out and defend against bigger guys and I think rebounding is the most important thing."

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