Possible transfer?

Rich Rodriguez has already gotten to work trying to get Arizona to land players. Read on to find out about a player that could be close to transferring to Arizona.

It did not take long for players to start taking harder looks at Arizona once Rich Rodriguez was named head coach.

One such player is 6-foot-2, 200-pound former Michigan safety Carvin Johnson, who now appears as if he could be transferring to Arizona in the near future.

Johnson started three games as a freshman as a hybrid linebacker and appeared in nine games total. He lost his starting job to injury, as he missed three games and was only able to start the first game after injury.

Coming out of high school in Louisiana, Johnson was ranked as a three-star prospect and 79th best safety in the country.

While nothing is official, Johnson says he has already started to do the legwork in order to transfer to Tucson.

"I'm definitely thinking about it," Johnson said. "I would do it. I have talked to coach Rodriguez. We talked about transcripts and release forms. He said he would like to have me at Arizona and I told him I would like to play for him and that was about it."

Johnson admits that he likely would have not considered Arizona had it not been for Rodriguez, who he gained respect for during his recruitment and time at Michigan.

"I just like his style of play," Johnson said. "I like his attitude towards the game. He was the first person to give me a chance, so that contributes to it as well."

Johnson says he plans to keep working and knows that he will talk to Rodriguez down the road in order to move forward in the transfer process.

"I have to talk to coach Rodriguez again and then we will likely go from there," Johnson said. "I already have my release from Michigan and I would say it is pretty likely I wind up at Arizona."

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