Breakdown: UA vs. NMSU

Arizona will face New Mexico State on Tuesday. Read on for a complete breakdown of the game, including a prediction.

PG: Jordin Mayes (6-2, 196, So.) vs. Hernst Laroche (6-1, 170, Sr.)

Laroche can be a dangerous player, despite the fact that he is only shooting 36 percent. He leads the team in assists and only has 13 turnovers in six games. With the way Mayes has been struggling, it is easy to make this an even matchup, as it would not be a surprise to see Laroche outplay Mayes either.

Advantage: Even

SG: Nick Johnson (6-2, 198, Fr.) vs. Christian Kabongo (6-4, 199, So.)

Kabongo has already gone to the line 50 times and is averaging 15.5 points per game. He is only shooting 41 percent and has turned the ball over 23 times, so this should be a relatively even matchup. It will be interesting to see how Johnson plays in his first true road game.

Advantage: Even

SF: Kyle Fogg (6-3, 188, Sr.) vs. Tyrone Watson (6-5, 225, Jr.)

Fogg has definitely been struggling, but Watson is not anything great. He is averaging nearly six points a game and does not do much else. If Fogg is going to bounce back, this would be a great opportunity to do so.

Advantage: Arizona

PF: Solomon Hill (6-6, 226, Jr.) vs. Wendell McKines (6-6, 230, Sr.)

McKines has the potential to be a huge problem for Arizona because of his ability to do so many different things. Hill has generally played well this season, but McKines will be the best rebounder on the court and probably the best scorer as well, especially considering he averages 17 and 10.

Advantage: New Mexico State

C: Jesse Perry (6-7, 217, Sr.) vs. Hamidu Rahman (6-11, 245, Sr.)

This is where things get interesting because of size differential. Rahman averages about six and six with Perry being the more skilled player, but he is also going to have to be strong defensively. Perry is likely to bring Rahman out on the perimeter and make him uncomfortable, which gives Arizona the advantage here.

Advantage: Arizona

Bench: Bandja Sy is a 6-foot-8 forward averaging 11 points per game in 27 minutes of action off the bench. He is the team's best three-point shooter and definitely dangerous. However, NMSU won't have much beyond that while Arizona runs about ten deep.

Advantage: Arizona

Coaches: Sean Miller vs. Marvin Menzies

Menzies has had a winning season in four of his five years and is well on his way to the fifth. He may not have the recognition of Miller, but he is still a very solid coach. Of course, that still does not change who Sean Miller is.

Advantage: Arizona

Prediction: This one is extremely tough. Arizona will be playing in a very hostile environment and there will be lineup changes with an unknown effect. Arizona is more talented, but this could really go either way.

Arizona 75, New Mexico State 74

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