A look at the Coaching Staff: Offense

There are a lot of rumors about who will be on the coaching staff at Arizona. Here is a closer look at what the offensive coaching staff could look like.

This past weekend, Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez mentioned that there likely would not be any new names for Arizona's coaching staff until next week. However, since he was hired, there have been a ton of names that have been thrown out. The following is the breakdown of what we know to be true and possibilities that we feel confident about.

Quarterbacks Coach: As soon as Rodriguez was hired, Frank Scelfo's name was mentioned as one of the coaches most likely to stay in the transition. That is certainly still a possibility, but it seems that it could be less likely than it was a week ago. The issue here is that Scelfo coaches quarterbacks, although he has also coached tight ends in the past.

What makes this an issue is that we feel confident it is very likely that current Indiana offensive coordinator Rod Smith is going to head to Tucson and be the offensive coordinator for Rodriguez. Smith has only coached quarterbacks in his career, so it would not make sense to put him at another position.

Smith was the quarterbacks coach at West Virginia before moving on to Michigan and then eventually leaving when Rodriguez was fired. In addition, Smith earned All-American honors at Glenville State in Rodriguez's last season as head coach there. Smith also has coached at South Florida, so he would be used to recruit the state, which has been a big deal in Rodriguez's career.

Simply put, while there is a slight possibility Scelfo stays, there are just too many connections for Smith to not be headed to Arizona. In fact, based on what we know, it would be a major surprise if he is not one of the first hires announced for Arizona.

Running backs: This is one offensive position that is a bit up in the air. Calvin Magee would have been the easy choice here, but he has a five-year contract at Pitt and considering the offensive influence he has there, is very likely to stay.

Jahmile Addae is another possibility, although he left Cincinnatti for undisclosed health reasons. Considering he has not returned, his future in the profession is up in the air right now. Should he be ready to return to coaching, we definitely believe Addae would be a possibility. He played for Rodriguez at West Virginia and then moved on as a Grad Assistant while Rodriguez was at Michigan.

At this point in time, we have not heard a lot of names that we would feel confident in, thus this position is one that is a but of an unknown.

Wide Receivers: At this point, the most likely scenario is that current Pittsburgh wide receivers and tight ends coach Tony Dews takes the same position at Arizona. Dews was the wide receivers coach at 2007 and then moved to Michigan with Rodriguez, leaving to Pitt when he was fired. The interesting aspect of Dews is that he actually coached linebackers and special teams at UNLV. Still, we see him as a likely candidate to coach receivers at Arizona and also recruit out west a bit.

Should Dews not come for some reason, Scelfo could be a possibility here. He helped coach tight ends at Tulane and while it would be a longshot, it still remains somewhat of a possibility.

Our educated guess is that Dews is in the same place as Smith in that he could be one of the first coaches named to the staff.

Offensive Line: This is another one we are pretty confident about, as all sides point to Greg Frey. Frey was in similar position as Smith and Dews in that they started at West Virginia with Rodriguez and then moved to Michigan before being fired. Frey is currently the offensive line coach at Indiana and very well respected in coaching circles.

Frey played at Florida State and then coached at South Florida for eight years, so his recruiting ties to Florida are apparent. Frey has had eight all-conference players, including five while he was at West Virginia.

There really are not any other candidates we feel comfortable naming, because nearly every source we have talked to has said Frey is headed to Arizona. At this point, if it does not happen, it likely means something fell apart at the last moments.

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