Kern excited about hire

Josh Kern is one recruit that is excited about the change of head coaches. Read on to see his thoughts on how he fits, other commits, and more.

One of the first concerns among fans when a new coach is hired to lead their favorite college football team is how it will effect recruiting. Former head coach Mike Stoops and his staff were able to land a large chunk of recruits up until the time he was let go and now the question is who is staying and who is going under new head coach Rich Rodriguez.

One commit that has been on board for several months is San Antonio Tom C. Clark quarterback Josh Kern. The 6-foot-5, 190-pounder was enthused by the hire of Rodriguez and is excited to see how the rest of his staff pans out.

"I was really exited about the hire," Kern said. "I have been just kind of waiting on what they do with the rest of the coaching staff."

Kern was already happy to be a Wildcat but has even more of a positive outlook with the new head coach in place.

"I felt good before," Kern said. "But now I feel even better."

The quarterback from Texas knows what type of offense Rodriguez tends to run and is willing to adapt to whatever the coach needs him to do.

"I don't know if he has seen my tape yet or not," Kern said. "Hopefully he thinks I fit the system, but I am okay with whatever."

There may be some concern with UA's current quarterback commits and whether or not they fit Rodriguez's style. Kern was quick to point out that he would fit well in the system due to his offense in high school, where he ran with the ball frequently.

"A lot of people don't really realize that in the offense I ran in high school that I ran the ball a lot," Kern said. "We ran the option all the time. I had some games where I had 25 carries or something like that."

Kern has also taken it upon himself to communicate with other Arizona commits in his class and has generally received positive feedback from them.

"I have stayed in touch with other commits," Kern said. "They all seem like they are still pretty strong in their commitments."

Kern has continued to talk with Wildcats' quarterback coach Frank Scelfo even after Stoops was fired. Being a quarterback, Kern hopes his potential position coach gets a chance to resume his role under Rodriguez.

"The main person I talk to is coach Scelfo," Kern said. "He is the one I really hope gets to stay."

The relationship between Kern and Scelfo has remained solid. According to the quarterback, the two still talk often.

"He's one of the reasons I ended up committing," Kern said. "He's the one I always talk to. I talk to him about once a week."

Despite staying in contact with Scelfo, Kern hasn't received too much insight about his future.

"He hasn't told me much," Kern said. "I don't think he really knows exactly what's going on, but I think he said he should know pretty soon, so I am kind of waiting around on that."

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