Catching up with Johnny Field

Outfielder Johnny Field is entering his second season. Read on as get his thoughts on the upcoming season, his teammates, and more.

With the 2011 fall ball season coming to a close, the Arizona Wildcats have their sights set on the 2012 season that will officially start February 17th against North Dakota State. caught up with outfielder Johnny Field, who batted .297 and knocked in 32 runs as a freshman a year ago.

WildcatAuthority: So overall how's fall ball been going for you this year?

Johnny Field: Good man, it's been good. I think overall as a team we've had a pretty strong fall. Man I'm just excited for spring to get here.

WildcatAuthority: How has fall ball been different for you personally this year? You're one year older and you know you already have a spot on this team, as opposed to last year where you were doing everything you could just to make the spring roster.

Johnny Field: I think the biggest thing for me is just the fact that I know what to expect now. Coming in as a freshman, I didn't really know what to expect coming into fall ball. I didn't know what to expect when it came to the coach's' expectations or how to manage your time and stuff like that. But yeah I'm not going to lie, it's good to know where you stand on the team so you can help the younger guys a little bit more without worrying about yourself quite as much.

WildcatAuthority: You're only a sophomore, but it seems like you see yourself as a leader on this team. You're pretty vocal on the field and every time I see you, you're helping or trying to teach someone.

Johnny Field: Yeah definitely, definitely. I think as you grow older and develop you take more of a leadership role. But really it starts as a freshman. These guys coming in this year are going to be expected to contribute if we're going to win games. I don't think there really is one true leader on this team. Everyone has some form of leadership so to speak, and I think that's how it needs to be.

WildcatAuthority: Any idea where you're going to play yet? You're natural position is second base, but you played a lot of left field last year. In the fall you've been at second base, left field, center field, right field, and even a little first base. What's next, are they going to have you pitch or something?

Johnny Field: (laughing) Oh man, yeah honestly I'll play anywhere, whatever is best for the team. But like you said, I think second base or in the outfield is probably where I'll end up seeing most of my time, but wherever coach wants to play me is more than okay with me.

WildcatAuthority: What have you been personally working on over the offseason to improve your game?

Johnny Field: I've just been trying to get better every day, whether it's offense or defense. But I think even most importantly I've been just trying to work on the mental side of the game, just trying to take steps every day to get better. There's not one specific thing I need to get better at, there's always more to learn in all areas of the game.

WildcatAuthority: What's been your favorite part of fall ball?

Johnny Field: Probably the intra squads. It's just fun to compete against your own team every day, we learn a lot about each other that way. It's also the closest thing we get to real competition at this point in the year.

WildcatAuthority: What's your least favorite part of fall ball?

Johnny Field: Easy. The morning conditioning with the strength coach.

WildcatAuthority: What are your expectations for this team in 2012?

Johnny Field: We expect to win the conference and after that our goal is to finally host a regional, then win a regional, and ultimately get to Omaha.

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