Miller confident in team's progress

Sean Miller met with the media Thursday to discuss numerous items. Read on for an update on Kevin Parrom, his thoughts on Josiah Turner, and more.

Arizona head coach Sean Miller met with the media on Thursday and made it apparent that he was happy with the way his team played against New Mexico State.

Solomon Hill has been off to an impressive start this season and had improved Arizona in numerous aspects.

"Where Solomon is at his best and I think I have really said it throughout his career, he is the jack of all trades in a very positive way for us," Miller said. "He is an excellent passer and recently what he has done a good job of is, in addition to making clever plays, he has cut back on his turnovers. Solomon is clearly playing better than he ever has in our program. What I hope is that November is just a sign of things to come for him as we move down our schedule."

Arizona played a smaller lineup against the Aggies and while it could be an issue for the Wildcats, Miller feels it also forces the opponent into difficult situations.

"I think Solomon is very comfortable at the four," Miller said. "We give up some height against certain teams on our schedule and you can make the case that could hurt us. But, one of the things that is difficult for the other team is that they also have to match up with him when he is on offense at the four."

One player that has many people curious is Kevin Parrom, who has certainly not recovered from his gunshot wound.

"No one is Kevin," Miller said. "Only he knows really how he feels. He is really dealing with a lot of things. The death of his mom, which is difficult for any of us. Unless you are him you do not know how that makes you feel and in addition simultaneously working from a gunshot wound, I don't know how that would feel either. He has done a remarkable job coming from almost nowhere.

"I remember thinking that we would be fortunate if Kevin began playing in the beginning of December and the fact that we have two weeks under our belt should help us down the road and should help him too. He is just a mirror image of himself. Even the other night against New Mexico State, that is the type of game that Kevin generally thrives in, but you can see he wasn't as comfortable. Hopefully he will keep returning back to form."

While Parrom is not at full strength yet, Miller says that does not mean that he will not be able to get there this season.

"Physically he is probably 80 percent in terms of explosion, in terms of feeling and now the basketball part of it, because he is not 100 percent, because he missed so much time, he is not as comfortable nor as confident in what he does," Miller said.

One player that has really come on as of late is Josiah Turner and Miller did not hide the fact that he has noticed the improvement.

"Josiah is getting better," Miller said. "It is obvious that he is improving and he gave us a great shot in the arm against New Mexico State. Offense when we really needed it, got to the foul line, played at pivotal times in the game and did real well.

"He looks real comfortable to me. I judge Josiah just like I judge all of our players on the everyday experience. Being responsible both off and on the court, practicing the same way every day so you know what to expect, learning our system. I think he is still very much in the learning curve, but he has made some progress here over the month of November."

The player of the game against New Mexico State may have been Nick Johnson and Miller says that Johnson's ability to shoot is not a surprise.

"I think Nick has always had a very good stroke but like a lot of guys, just time," Miller said. "The more he shoots, the more consistent he is. If you watch how hard he has worked over the summer, and I think Kyle Fogg had a lot to do with that, Kyle kind of took Nick under his arm when Nick came here this summer and Nick shot this summer a lot, worked on his shooting, invested and he has continued to invest. He looks confident when he shoots the ball and he has a great looking shot."

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