Hill credits teammates for start

Solomon Hill met with the media on Thursday. Read on to see why he is off to a good start, what he thinks of the schedule, and more.

Sean Miller had plenty of compliments for Solomon Hill on Thursday and while Hill acknowledged he has done relatively well, he also believes he has room for growth.

"I think I still have a long way to go," Hill said. "As far as being aggressive in the first half I have come a long way and showing strides of really getting to the basket and creating for myself in the first half.

"I think I am falling off in the second half. I am a completely different person. I was kind of able to shadow that with my assist to turnover ratio in the second half of last game, but I think I still need to have that intensity I have in the first half in the second half."

Hill believes that the reason he may struggle a bit in the second half is because of his teammates' ability to step up.

"I think it is just getting other guys going," he said. "The fact that other guys can get it going more in the second half and really take charge of the team. I have to put myself in the best position to help the team too."

Hill's assist numbers have increased this season and he gives the credit to his teammates, who have helped put him in the best position to succeed.

"It is because of their ability," Hill said. "Jordin is a great scorer. Josiah can really get to the rim. He has his off and on days. Nick is an explosive guy. Fogg is a great shooter and you put those guys on the floor, in certain positions I am really going to have the best opportunity to beat my man just because of the match up. I know that I have guards that can go out and score on any given night."

In addition, Hill believes that the early schedule has been beneficial to the team as a whole.

"We started so early this year compared to how late we started the season last year," he said. "I think it is really setting us up to have good breaks. I think we have more days in between games to really prepare for the next and I think it has prepared us well for the games ahead."

With Arizona having two tough games next wek, some may worry that it will look past NAU. However, Hill says that willl not be the case.

"You can't look ahead to any games," Hill said. "You have to take the game ahead for what it is. Nobody on our team should be thinking about the Florida game at the moment because we have a home game we need to bounce back in against NAU.

"We had a bad showing at home last time and I think a bit of momentum to play NAU and getting everything ready to play NAU will put us in position to get ready for that game against Florida."

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