Johnson taking it all in stride

Nick Johnson was impressive against New Mexico State and has remained humble. Read on to see his thoughts on starting, Josiah Turner, and more.

One of the reasons for Arizona's success against New Mexico State was the play of Nick Johnson. Johnson was inserted into the starting lineup and scored 19 points, something that he did not want to brag about when he met with media on Thursday.

"I am just happy we got the win honestly," Johnson said. "It was great to start, but we still have to come out fast. We got down 12-2 and we had a run back before the first war ended, but I am just happy we got the win."

Johnson believes the new lineup helped because it allowed Arizona to create mismatches, especially against the Aggies.

"Honestly we are smaller, clearly, so we all have to rebound," he said. "But we are a lot quicker and I think we use that by getting out on the break. Against New Mexico State, they had a lot of bigs, so we definitely used that to our advantage."

Johnson has shown the most poise out of the freshmen and says that he can credit that to his time before college.

"I think by going to Findlay Prep, that really set me up for success," Johnson said. "Being away from home for two years without my family or anybody and living with my teammates, it definitely makes you grow up. You have to handle stuff."

In addition, Johnson credits Kyle Fogg with helping to make sure his transition went smoothly.

"He was a big influence," Johnson said. "I saw him working his tail off and basically I wanted to do the same thing. He is one of our leaders on the team, so I felt I bonded really well with him. He still to this day helps me out with the little stuff."

With Johnson improving, Josiah Turner has also improved and that may not be a coincidence. Both Turner and Johnson have a successful past and Johnson believes that has led to early success.

"He always knows where I am at," Johnson said. "It is that simple. He is a great point guard and that is basically why I wanted him to come here. Playing with the Soldiers over the summer we had one of the best AAU teams I think of all time, we will see how that goes down, but we have chemistry and he always seems to know where I am at. He is just a great passer. There is no look or anything like that, he just delivers the ball and it is always where it needs to be.

"We knew it was going to take time and I honestly knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time. With me and him it is happening quicker than we thought it would be and that is a good thing for the team."

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