Arizona adjusting well

Solomon Hill and Nick Johnson have new roles for different reasons. Read on to see how both players are reacting.

There are numerous storylines surrounding Arizona this season, but one that can't ne ignored is the fact that many current players have already made great strides in the early season.

One of the biggest questions surrounding Arizona this season is how each returning player would react without Derrick Williams. Would there be similar success? Would the players be too aggressive? The answers to those questions and similar ones were completely unknown going into the season.

Now, the answers seem to be coming. Luckily for Sean Miller and Arizona fans, the answer to those questions seems to be positive.

Solomon Hill is one player that has stepped up in a big way not only in the numbers he is putting up, but also in the fact that he is been playing at power forward in order to fill in for the departed Williams.

"I knew it would be hard, everyone was expecting for someone to take over and replace what Derrick Williams had," Hill said. "It's not a huge adjustment from three to the four and I like it. My first exhibition game was slow trying to get the new guys on board but I've been playing consistent since then."

Hill's teammates have noticed as well, as Kyle Fogg has been quick to compliment his teammate and believes he is only getting started.

"Solomon had been playing great the last couple of games and I expect him to get even better as the season progresses," Fogg said.

Of course, Hill should give credit to his teammates as well. You never know how an incoming freshman will play and Arizona has gotten solid production from both Nick Johnson and Josiah Turner.

For Johnson, much of his progression as a player has to due with his teammates, whom he is quick to credit.

"I expected to play well, I won't lie," Johnson said. "But it all comes down to how well I play in practice. Fogg talks to me and tells me what to expect, and I just listen to Coach Miller. I'm taking it day by day."

The next day, or game, will now be a difficult Florida team Wednesday on the road. For the junior Hill, playing difficult teams is nothing new and is something he considers to be the next step in his progression.

"Arizona is all about having big games, we play tough teams day in and day out," he said. "It's going to be hard going to Florida. This is what is going to make our future."

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