Rodriguez to start naming staff

Rich Rodriguez has started to put together his coaching staff. Read on for a preview of what it should look like, as coaches will be named this week.

This could be a big week for Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez as he will likely name numerous coaches to his staff.

There has been a ton of anticipation for who will Rodriguez will name to his coaching staff and we can say with confidence that he has not decided on all the positions yet. However, there are indeed a handful that he already has people in place for.

For starters, Pittsburgh secondary coach Tony Gibson is expected to be one of the first members of Rodriguez's coaching staff to be named. The two have known each other for years and almost as soon as Rodriguez was named coach of Arizona, Gibson's name came up.

In addition, Indiana quarterbacks coach Rod Smith and Pitt offensive coordinator Calvin Magee could be named to the staff this week. Both have a history with Rodriguez and know his system very well.

Away from the actual coaching staff, Mike Barwis could be named as Arizona's new strength and conditioning coach this week. Barwis was with Rodriguez in Michigan and has also served as a trainer for the New York Mets.

He is considered to be among one of the top in his profession and would be a nice start for Arizona. In fact, it would not be a surprise to see Barwis named as one of the first members of Rodriguez's staff, as his name has been rumored for a while now.

In addition, there is the question of whether or not Rodriguez will choose to keep any coaches from last season's staff. We already know Frank Scelfo, Joe Salave'a, and Jeff Hammerschmidt will be on their way.

The coach with the best chance of staying now is Robert Anae, who is also rumored to have attention from Washington State, although there is no offer. Garrett Chachere also has a chance of staying, especially because of his recruiting ties to Louisiana.

Of course, most Arizona fans are looking at the defensive coordinator position, which will likely be the highest paid position on the staff besides Rodriguez. West Virginia defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel is the name that has come up the most and it would be considered a major grab is Rodriguez can lure him to Tucson.

Make sure you stay with as Rodriguez starts to put together his coaching staff this week and likely completes it next week.

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