Byrne's decision looks even better

Arizona Athletic Director Greg Byrne brought about mixed feelings when he fired Mike Stoops so early in the season. Now, that decision looks like the perfect one.

When you take a look around the country, it has to make you thankful for Greg Byrne and how he handled the coaching search.

Now, we don't know how many games Rich Rodriguez will win or when it will happen, but we do know that Rodriguez has already transitioned well to Arizona and the fans are behind him.

One look at Arizona State's situation makes you even more thankful. To make a long story short, ASU offered June Jones the job despite many boosters not wanting it to happen. Jones accepted the job and then the offer was pulled before the contract was finished because of that same booster discontent.

Now, ASU is scrambling for a head coach and is the focus of plenty of national media as its Athletic Director attempts to save face. That same media has been mentioning Byrne for the past few days because he looks like a genius.

Byrne took the initiative of getting rid of Stoops early in order to start gauging opinion and looking for coaches. He could have kept Stoops, as UCLA kept Rick Neuheisel. However, Byrne's initiative is what has saved its coaching search, as UCLA is another school that can't seem to find a head coach.

Thus, while there are two schools being talked about in the media in a negative light, Rodriguez is quietly putting together his coaching staff and Byrne is not having to worry about a coaching search.

Byrne's legacy is not decided yet and the success or failure of Rodriguez will go a long way to deciding that.

However, one look to Tempe reveals an Athletic Department that gave basketball coach Herb Sendek an extension for basically no reason and continues to struggle to find a football coach. In addition, there is word of a power struggle within the department.

In Tucson, the Athletic Department has hired a football coach cheaper than others, allowing him to put together a solid staff and has been able to keep its head basketball coach happy.

At this point, it is pretty safe to say that Byrne has made some right decisions as of late and seems to be making a ton of right moves, especially when you look at it from the opposite end of the spectrum.

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