Breakdown: Arizona vs. Clemson

Arizona will look for a win at home against Clemson. Read on for a complete breakdown of Saturday's game, including a prediction.

PG: Nick Johnson (6-2, 198, Fr.) vs. Andre Young (5-9, 170, Sr.)

Johnson is obviously a very good player, but in terms of being a point guard, Young has an advantage. In fact, he probably has one over anybody Arizona can throw out at the point, as evidenced by his 14 points and four assists per game. Young is a dangerous shooter from behind the arc as well, so Arizona is going to have to defend the perimeter against him.

Advantage: Clemson

SG: Kyle Fogg (6-3, 188, Sr.) vs. Rod Hall (6-1, 210, Fr.)

Hall has been inserted into the starting lineup, but he is not a very dangerous player. Instead, hall is more of a steady player and solid third guard. If Fogg can find some consistency, this should be a good matchup for him as he hopes to match the effort given at Florida.

Advantage: Arizona

SF: Kevin Parrom (6-6, 215, Jr.) vs. Tanner Smith (6-5, 210, Sr.)

Averaging nine points and seven rebounds per game, Smith could give Parrom some fits. He also leads the team with nearly five assists per game and only turns the ball over about twice a game. Parrom is still inconsistent at this point and it is difficult to know what we will get from him. We are going to assume that a similar Parrom to the one we saw in Florida shows up, which makes it an even matchup.

Advantage: Even

PF: Solomon Hill (6-6, 226, Jr.) vs.Milton Jennings (6-9, 225, Jr.)

You get the feeling that Hill is going to bounce back after his performance at Florida and this should be an interesting matchup. Jennins leads the team in turnovers and Hill is actually a better rebounder. It would not be a surprise to see Hill take Jennings to the perimeter and take advantage of him thre. Due to Hill's consistency and the fact that he is the more versatile player, we are giving him the advantage here.

Advantage: Arizona

C: Jesse Perry (6-7, 217, Sr.) vs. Devin Booker (6-8, 245, Jr.)

Booker is the best rebounder on the team and is averaging close to ten points as well. Perry is Arizona's best rebounder and has put up some similar numbers. This should be a pretty fun matchup to watch, but with Booker being the stronger player, we see him putting up numbers. Still, Perry has a good chance to match him and we would be surprised if one player came away from this came with a considerable advantage.

Advantage: Even

Benches: With Josiah Turner expecting to play and the fact that Arizona is just a deeper team, the Wildcats get the advantage. Guard T.J. Sapp has moved to the bench and that adds a nice spark to Clemson, but there really is not much beyond that. Sure, there are some bodies, but nothing very effective.

Advantage: Arizona

Coaches: Sean Miller vs. Brad Brownell

Brownell had a solid season last year, but the challenges are much greater. While he may prove himself to be a solid coach, Miller has already done that and gets the advantage because of it.

Advantage: Arizona

Prediction: Arizona 70, Clemson 63

It would be a surprise if this was a high scoring game, considering that the highest point total Clemson has allowed this season is 72 points in a loss. Arizona is the better team and this is as close to a must win situation as you can get this early in the season. It is difficult to see Arizona losing another game at home to a team that it is better than.

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