Freshmen progressing at different rates

Arizona's freshmen have brought different results early in the season. Read on to see Miller's thoughts on each.

Arizona's freshmen have been a mixed bag of sorts, with Josiah Turner off to somewhat of a slow start due to off the court issues more than anything and Nick Johnson already gaining respect as one of the better players on the team.

After Saturday's win over Clemson, Arizona head coach Sean Miller made it clear that each freshman has a different pace at which they adjust to the college game. In fact, Miller believes that it is the adjustment period that makes it difficult to judge Turner this early.

"Our goal and our job is to develop these guys, teach them," Miller said. "It's tough to judge him as a player because he's been with us and he hasn't, but I think you can see what he's capable of. It's exciting. He's had a great attitude over the last three days which is really telling that he wants to be here and really important that he's understanding that it's nothing against him as much as we're trying to help him."

Johnson's adjustment has been a bit different, as he has been a perfect example off the court. However, he has been asked to play a point guard position that he simply has no experience playing. Stating what may have been the obvious, Miller believes Johnson is at his best when Turner and Jordin Mayes are playing well, allowing Johnson to be off the ball.

"As long as Josiah and Jordin are part of what we're doing, Nick is going to be best off the ball," Miller said. "He plays like a point guard out there sometimes, but it's remarkable what he did at Florida, to play against that pressure and a quality opponent. First of all, it's very difficult to play two positions as a freshman and he did a really good job. But if one of them is point guard it's even harder.

"I know statistically, it doesn't show up in the game but we've asked him to do that a couple of times and that says a lot about his talent."

For freshman Angelo Chol, his biggest adjustment has been with his strength. Chol's metabolism is so high that it has been difficult for him to put on more weight. However, Miller says he is making the adjustment and it surely is not due to a lack of effort.

"He's a very, very a hard worker and it's just a matter of time before his talent takes over," Miller said. "He's one of the few guys who gained weight over the last month and a half. He's almost 220 pounds. Part of it is his dedication to lifting weights and getting bigger and stronger. He's so much stronger right now than when he got here this summer."

"He almost wants to do so well that it works against him sometimes, but he's starting to get more confident."

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