Sudfeld enjoys visit

Nathan Sudfeld was having second thoughts about Arizona going into his official visit. Did the visit change them? What's the next step? Read on to find out.

Modesto (Calif.) Christian quarterback Nathan Sudfeld has been committed to Arizona since June. However, the recent coaching change has brought some doubt and Sudfeld took the opportunity this past weekend to visit Arizona and meet the new coaching staff.

"I really enjoyed my trip to Arizona," Sudfeld said. "I have finals this week and then there are the holidays, so I am going to take some time to think about everything. "It is not 100 percent, but I definitely liked the trip and I would say that Arizona is still at the top."

Sudfeld's biggest concern since the coaching change is the way that the offense is going to be run and his official visit to Arizona allowed him to sit down and talk with Rich Rodriguez about that exact topic.

"We watched some film of his offense and he told me again that he matches the offense to the skills that the quarterback has," Sudfeld said. "It can be a running offense or a passing offense and it really depends on what the quarterback can do.

"I have to say that it was intriguing and it was good to hear that he is willing to adapt his offense to the personnel that he has."

Since Mike Stoops was fired, Sudfeld saw his recruitment take off, although it has not necessarily led him to get more offers.

"Arkansas, USC, and Iowa have shown a lot of interest in me," Sudfeld said. "I am not sure if they are as interested in me as I am in them though."

One coach that Sudfeld did not have the opportunity to meet on his visit is quarterbacks coach Rod Smith, but Sudfeld says that he will likely meet him this week.

"Coach Rodriguez and Smith are supposed to stop by my school Wednesday," Sudfeld said. "They are going to tell me more about the offense and answer my questions, but the visit was definitely a step forward."

Sudfeld will take his time with his decision and although he likes Arizona, he does not want to make anything definite.

"With finals and the holidays I want to take the time to make sure I am making the right decision," he said. "I know I like Arizona and it is definitely at the top of my list, but I want to make sure I am making the best decision.

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