Fogg wants to remain aggressive

Kyle Fogg has played both shooting guard and small forward this season while struggling a bit on offense. Read on for his mentality, what Miller has asked from him, and more.

Arizona's questions at the point guard position this season have led to numerous players playing positions that they may not be used to. While there is a lot of attention on the fact that Nick Johnson has played the point guard, Kyle Fogg has also moved to the three at times this season, despite being more comfortable at the two.

"They are really similar but things like running a certain side of the floor, just doing it for so long, it is a little bit different when you are at the three," Fogg said. "I am definitely a little bit more comfortable at the two because I have been doing it for so long."

Fogg has been more of a defensive player this season and has been extremely inconsistent offensively. While he scored 19 points on the road at Florida, Fogg followed it with eight points at home against Clemson.

While some may assume that Fogg should simply shoot less, Arizona head coach Sean Miller believes that Fogg should remain aggressive on offense.

"He has definitely just told me that he has confidence in my game on the offensive end," Fogg said. "He knows that I have worked hard and he is just telling me to go out there and play my game.

"I know I am going to have to score some games for our team to win, but no matter what happens the constant is going to have to be me defending, so I am just going to go out there and keep playing and try to be consistent."

Fogg has been pushed by Johnson and while the two started out as competitors, they have now built a friendship.

"The first couple of exhibitions games it was just a little funny, but now it is fun to go out there and play with him," Fogg said. "He is a great player and I think we both kind of feed off each other's energy. Just being great friends off the court kind of translates on the court."

Of course, Fogg cannot do it all by himself and is quick to credit Jesse Perry for the help that he has given the team this season.

"Just getting a year under his belt with the system and having that freedom to attack the basket is the biggest difference," Fogg said. "Coach has kind of given the older guys a green light. He trusts us and we have been putting a lot of work in.

"Having that confidence to go in and perform and he has done a great job up until this point and I expect him to continue that."

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