Marvin Williams has "great" visit to Tucson

Arizona has had mixed results with players taking their official visits during the spring. Last year Ndudi Ebi signed on the dotted line, but David Padgett and Brian Butch went to schools they visited later on during the process. The Cats had hoped to bring Marvin Williams in at a later date, but the forward recruit wants to make an early decision, so the Wildcat staff had him in town this past weekend.

Last year the Wildcat coaches brought a number of recruits in early because it allowed the players to see the team prepare for its tour of Australia. They had hoped that seeing an actual Wildcat practice might cause players to crave the Wildcat style of play even more. It worked for Ebi. Padgett and Butch had the Cats in the picture to the very end.

This year the Wildcats are not preparing for a tour and many of the players are not in town. Originally, they had wanted to have Marvin Williams come for Midnight Madness, but when the elite forward said he wanted to take most, if not all of his official visits before the July camps, the Wildcats obliged and he came to Tucson this past weekend.

It wasn't the ideal situation, but the Cats adapted. School was not in session and many players had gone home. Even more problematic was the fact that Lute Olson was not in town.

"It wasn't a problem at all," Williams said. "He was on vacation and I knew that. I've spoken with him before and I know him pretty well. What I really wanted to see was the campus and the city."

Williams was treated to tours of the University and Tucson. He said he was impressed with the city, the campus and the facilities. He was also very impressed with the food in Tucson.

"We ate and ate and ate," Williams said chuckling. "We ate a lot."

Several Wildcats were in town, including Isaiah Fox, Channing Frye and Salim Stoudamire. He said all of the players were nice guys, but he was especially impressed with his host.

"Andre Iguodala was my host," said Williams. "Andre is such a great person. I like him a lot."

The visit seems to have gone very well. Williams says the visit did nothing to diminish his interest in the Wildcat program and that they are sitting very well with him. He wouldn't say that they are the favorite, but did confess that other visits will be compared to his trip to Tucson.

"I want to judge each visit separately, but I like them (Arizona) a lot," Williams said. "It was a great visit. I got a great feel for the campus. I like all of the coaches and players."

Williams had indicated he would like to make a decision as early as possible, but has now said he has no set timetable for selecting a school. He hopes to make his choice before the end of the summer, but won't rush anything.

He will visit North Carolina and hometown Washington over the next two weeks and then will evaluate the situation. Oregon and Kansas have been mentioned, but as of now they are on the outside looking in.

Williams is a huge fan of Roy Williams and has family in North Carolina, but we've heard that the appeal of staying in the west is also big for the 6-9 standout from Bremerton, Washington. He won't tip his hand in the least and only says that all the teams he is visiting are in "great shape."

Williams may be considered the top power forward prospect in the country, but he's also shown that he may be one of the top wings as well. His versatility is very attractive to college and pro scouts alike. As of now Williams is focused on being a collegiate standout.

"Right now I want to play at least a few years of college basketball," Williams said before adding a word of warning. "Of course you never know what could happen later on."

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