Breakdown: Arizona vs. Bryant

Arizona will play Bryant on Thursday in a game in which it is heavily favored. Read on for a complete breakdown by position, including a prediction.

PG: Jordin Mayes (6-2, 196, So.) vs. Corey Maynard (6-3, 185, So.)

Maynard is a solid player considering the level of basketball he plays at, as he averages about 13 points, four assists, and five rebounds a game. Maynard pretty much has a green light to shoot and averages about ten field goal attempts each game. He is not the type of player to completely go off in McKale, but Arizona needs to be aware of him. Containing Maynard would put Bryant in a major hole offensively.

Advantage: Arizona

SG: Kyle Fogg (6-3, 188, Sr.) vs. Frankie Dobbs (6-3, 185, Jr.)

Dobbs and Maynard are pretty much the same player, as their statistics are nearly alike with the major difference being that Dobbs shooting below 40 percent from the field. It is hard to imagine Dobbs getting much going offensively with Fogg guarding him and this is the type of game in which Fogg should be able to score in the 15-point range again.

Advantage: Arizona

SF: Nick Johnson (6-2, 198, Fr.) vs. Daniel Calandrillo (6-3, 195, Jr.)

Calandrillo may get the start, but he is not going to do much. He averages about 13 minutes per game with a two-point scoring average. Johnson is easily the better player and will be better than anything Bryant can throw at him. Unless Johnson chooses to get others involved, this is easily Arizona's biggest advantage and we would expect Johnson's numbers to reflect that.

Advantage: Arizona

PF: Solomon Hill (6-6, 226, Jr.) vs. Alex Francis (6-6, 205, So.)

Francis is easily Bryant's best player and Hill will have his work cut out for him. Francis averages 17 points and eight rebounds a game in addition to scoring in double digits each game. He scored 20 against San Diego State, 22 against Notre Dame and did both on a nearly 50 percent shooting average. If Hill does not take this matchup seriously, Francis will have the better game. Our guess is Arizona keys in on Francis defensively, which is why we are giving Hill the slight advantage.

Advantage: Arizona

C: Jesse Perry (6-7, 217, Sr.) vs. Vlad Kondratyev (6-8, 225, Jr.)

Kondratyev will not play much unless he has to and frankly, he may. Perry is the better player in every facet of the game and Kondratyev only averages 12 minutes per game to begin with. Bryant does have some individual talent, but not at this position. If Perry can get it going early, it would not be a surprise to see him have a career game.

Advantage: Arizona

Bench: Bryant will bring Claybrin McMath and Ben Altit off the bench, both of which are in the front court. Neither will have much of an impact on the game and considering Bryant will likely go only eight deep, there is a good chance Arizona will wear Bryant out. Altit may pose some issues with his size, but he only averages two rebounds in about 16 minutes of play per game.

Advantage: Arizona

Coaches: Sean Miller vs. Tim O'Shea

O'Shea has a difficult task of getting his Bryant team ready for the next level and it definitely will not be easy. He deserves credit for the effort being put in, but Miller and the Arizona program as a whole are just on another level.

Advantage: Arizona

Prediction: There is not a ton of analysis to be done for this game, as Arizona is just the better team. Bryant has lost by 17 to Southern Utah, 32 to Central Connecticut, 17 to Yale, and 20 to Boston College. Basically, while this Bryant team may keep things a bit close very early in the game, it certainly will not end up that way.

Arizona 75, Bryant 57

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