Green making a plan

Running back Tion Green considers himself a Cincinnati commit, but is also looking at taking visits. Read on to see why he may take visits, which schools are in the running, and more.

Altamonte Springs (FL) Lake Brantley running back Tion Green is committed to Cincinnati, but is looking at options should something with the Bearcats not work out.

"What is going on with recruiting is that I am going to Cincinnati," Green said. "I am going to take my visits, but as of now I am committed to Cincinnati."

Green has not decided on the schools he would like to visit, although Arizona is certainly in the running along with a handful of others.

As far as why Green would take visits if he is solid to Cincinnati, the three-star says he is simply making a back up plan.

"I want to take my visits to have a backbone," Green said. "I am not sure to what schools. I am going to figure that out after the holidays, but I am going to take visits to have something to fall back on. I need to figure out everything after the holidays."

It is easy to see why schools have continued to recruit Green, especially when you consider how he describes himself as a player.

"Basically I am more of a physical runner," he said. "I am able to turn it on to the next level and be a big time player and make a play when needed. I gained 30 pounds since last year. I was 210 at the end of the year and now I am 212 because I have gained some weight since the end of the season.

"I still run a 4.4 40-yard and have my moves. I am still in track, so just keeping my speed but want to be a more punishing runner and be more of a running back with blocking and play action while also getting what the defense gives me."

Green admits that he has not told the Cincinnati staff directly that he wants to take a few other visits, so he is unsure of how it will react.

"I have not talked to the Cincinnati coaching staff about taking a visit because I am just now considering it," he said. "I am not for sure yet, so I have not said anything to them yet."

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