Hill treating Arizona State differently

Solomon Hill does not look at Arizona state like a normal game. Read on to see what he says about Saturday's game, what player he wants to make sure wins, and more.

Solomon Hill has been through some highs and lows of the rivalry with Arizona State and does not hesitate to say that he will treat Saturday's game different than the others.

"You have to," Hill said. "It is a rivalry game. I have lost to ASU and before I came here Kyle Fogg lost to James Harden. That was a good team they had and you want to give them the same feeling.

"When you ask Fogg what is his record and it is a losing record, it shouldn't be like that. We can't let Fogg go out on a bad note and ASU is always that different game."

Although Arizona State is having a down season so far, Hill believes it may actually make Saturday's game a bit more unpredictable.

"The guys up to the north, you just want to knock them out," he said. "They can always have a good game because they have nothing to lose. You always want to get that game under your belt and prepare for the next one."

In addition to being unpredictable, Hill also believes that ASU will play like its back is against the wall due in large part to the fact that the Wildcats are the heavy favorite.

"You are talking about a team that can just go out there and fight," Hill said. "They are tired of losing and when you play a team like that you can't go out and be like we beat these guys before and we are going to beat them again because you never know when they can go out and change some guys. Who knows in practice what is going through their minds and some guys can step up and lead their team."

Hill says that the team must look at Saturday's game as being the biggest of the young season and suggests approaching it like a title game of sorts.

"You just want to go out and look at them like maybe a Pac-12 championship game," Hill said. "You just want to take that much integrity into the game."

Arizona has already started to watch tape on the Sun Devils and Hill expects a considerably different team than what Arizona saw last year.

"A year ago they were a high level three-point shooting team and now they are more of a post team, more of an inside team," Hill said. "They really like to go inside more and that is one of the things we have been working on and we will see if we can execute in this game."

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