Proving Ground Combine: Top ten

There were plenty of potential Arizona prospects at the Proving Ground Combine. Read on for a closer look at the top ten potential Arizona prospects. was in attendance for the Semper Fidelis Proving Ground combine and had an opportunity to look at numerous juniors. There was a strong contingent from Arizona and here are the top ten recruits that we saw that will likely receive Arizona interest.

Devon Allen: The Brophy receiver was one of the five fastest players in a group of about 150. At 6-foot-1, Allen is a very smooth route runner and gets off the line quickly. Once he does get off the line, Allen has legitimate speed that allows him to break from his defender. Allen currently has a handful of offers, which does not include Arizona. At this point, we would be surprised if he does not get one soon, as Allen has the speed to be effective not only as a receiver but as somebody that would be given the ball off of sweeps that Rich Rodriguez likes to run.

Hatari Byrd: Byrd showed that he deserves his four-star ranking with an impressive performance on Monday. Physically, Byrd looks like a linebacker, but he still moves like a defensive back and that will make him attractive to a lot of schools. Byrd's only major offer is Arizona State and that will change very soon as we expect Arizona to get heavily involved. Byrd is nearly a guarantee to stay in the Pac-12 and should be one of the elite defensive backs in the west.

Marcus Farria: Farria was dominant nearly all day on Monday and will be one of the top three players in the state. He is not from Arizona and thus seems like somewhat of a better bet to leave the state for college. However, Farria has long arms and is the type of player that does not look like he is giving up a lot of energy, but is still always giving great effort. The great thing about Farria is that he still has the frame to put on weight and can improve his technique, which makes his potential high.

Tyrone Swoopes: If Arizona is going to be recruiting dual-threat quarterbacks, Swoopes has to be on the list. He already has offers from Baylor, Notre Dame, TCU, and more. He reminds some of Vince Young and a Texas offer could be on its way. Swoopes is not a dual-threat quarterback that can only run, as he showed nice touch on his passes. He is not going to be easy to land by any means, but is so talented that Arizona absolutely has to put in the effort recruiting him.

Priest Willis: The Tempe Marcos De Niza safety may not be an elite player, but he is one of the better ones in the state. Willis has good size at 6-foot-2, 185 pounds and moves well. He was strong in coverage and already holds an Arizona State offer. The new Arizona staff will likely keep an eye on Willis and while an offer is not a guarantee, he is certainly one to watch after his performance on Monday and last season as well.

Jalen Ortiz: Ortiz played on defense on Monday, but Arizona is not going to recruit him on the defensive side of the ball. Ortiz feels he fits in well with Arizona's new offense and frankly he does because he has blazing speed. Ortiz is a good student who is able to keep his speed at long distances and showed strong coverage skills should the UA coaching staff surprise and want him on defense. We would be legitimately surprised if Arizona did not offer Ortiz sooner than later.

Jaylen Ruiz: Ruiz looks like a natural pass rusher and was nearly unstoppable on Monday. He is already about 6-foot-4 and 260 pounds, but is quick off the ball and seemed technically sound as well. Ruiz has played nose tackle in the past and from the looks of it on Monday, Ruiz should be one of the more highly rated linemen in the west for 2013.

Nico Falah: There were not a lot of better linemen than Falah, who more than held his own. The competition in the first group was a bit better than the second group, which Falah was in. Still, he deserves credit for arguably being the best offensive lineman in his group. Falah holds an offer from Utah State, but the teammate of Beau Boyster is certainly one to watch. Falah has good size and showed great movement with his feet, which should get him plenty of recruiting attention.

Aaron Bailey: Bailey is similar to Swoopes, although Swoopes is probably the more natural thrower. Bailey has an ability to play numerous positions and quarterback may not be his best, but that does not mean he is not good enough to play it at the next level. Bailey is simply a good athlete and there will be plenty of schools recruiting him.

Kyle Bosch: Bosch is a mean kid and we mean that in a good way. He finished all of his blocks and did it with an attitude. Bosch is definitely a good kid, but that mean streak on the field is important and he deserves plenty of credit for it. It means plenty when the drill calls for one player to call out another and none of the defensive linemen want to face Bosch. Bosch showed why he may have his choice of schools and already holds an Arizona offer.

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