Together Again

There are a lot of emotions now that Arizona's coaching staff is complete. Read on to see what Calvin Magee, Rich Rodriguez, and Jeff Casteel had to stay about being together again

It took him a few weeks, but Rich Rodriguez has finally reunited the majority of his coaching staff from his glory days at West Virginia out in Tucson to coach Arizona for the foreseeable future.

With Jeff Casteel and Calvin Magee, amongst other coaches, back in the fold on his staff, Rodriguez is ready to take on the challenges of turning around the UA football program.

"The comfortablity with each other is going to help I think in the transition, but there is always some new challenges as well," Rodriguez said. "We understand we are in a new environment and even though we've worked together before and worked very well together, we understand that we are in a new environment, so if we have to make adjustment or tweaks we will do that.

"Of course I am going to be biased, but I think I have the best coaching staff in America.There is always going to be issues in a transition, I don't care if our whole staff has been together for 20 years, there is going to be issues and things to fix. The fact that we know each other and know how the program is supposed to operate is really going to help."

For Magee, the team's associate head coach and offensive coordinator, the excitement of bringing in David Lockwood, Bill Kirelawich, and Casteel to the staff is something that has been building for awhile now.

"I can sleep well now, I can tell you that," Magee said. "I was as excited as coach was, seeing these guys the other day and we have been on the phone talking back and forth and just the excitement of waiting for the guys to get back here has been unbelievable.

"I have all the confidence in the world in those guys and what Jeff brings to the table. I am excited about that and just the fact that we are back together as a family is huge and that is big in the office and being around and I think it will help pay dividends for us."

Rodriguez felt it was imperative for him to bring in a staff that was familiar with one another and could hit the ground running and work together fluidly in recruiting and preparing the team for the 2011-12 season. By rounding out his staff with three West Virginia coaches and Spencer Leftwich from Pittsburgh, it appears he has done just that.

"You want to have a staff that thinks alike and is on the same kind of wavelength as far as evaluating who are the best fits for our program and I know this staff will do that," Rodriguez said. "The couple of coaches I have not worked with before I trust their evaluations as well. I think that is an absolute critical part of it."

"Chemistry can't be faked whether it is on your team or on your staff. You either have it or don't and I think our players are going to see it. That doesn't mean we are all going to hold hands and sing kumbaya. We are able to able to argue about things and disagree on things, yet not be disagreeable. I think that is important."

Both Rodriguez and Magee touched on the importance family aspect in the hiring of the coaching staff, which was a huge factor in the decision to take the staff in the direction that it was taken when Arizona's new head coach was hired in November.

"We all know each other's families," Magee said. "They are very close, the kids know each other. We are close knit like that as a family, so it helps in the workplace and it kind of carries over, but we are going to have days we are going to flat out get after it and be competitive, but when we get off the field it is back to grinding together. That is what I am excited about because it doesn't happen like that everywhere else.

  "I don't just hire them, I hire their whole families and their whole families have to understand that and they've got great families," Rodriguez said. "I don't think that can be emphasized enough how important their families are because they are coming from a long way, as my family is, but Tucson, Arizona is a destination place."

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