Linebacker's father talks about decision

Curtis Dozier talks about his son's decision, timeline, thoughts on the coaching staff, and more.

Rich Rodriguez has received his first commit at Arizona with 6-foot-2, 210-pound Temecula (Calif.) Chaparral linebacker C.J. Dozier and there may not be anybody more excited than his father Curtis.

Curtis says that a big part of his son's decision had to do with timing, as C.J. is an early graduate and will enroll on Monday.

"Because of his timing with him graduating early we were a little bit up against it," Dozier said. "We had great talks with the coaches prior to visiting and they were telling us they were very, very thin at that position. I can't think of another school that is as thin as them at that linebacker spot."

C.J.'s father feels Arizona is a good opportunity for his son due in large part to the early playing time that is available.

"With him being able to come in early and learn the scheme and everybody be on the same learning curve, because they are all new coaches as well, I thought that was a really good opportunity," he said. "We were hoping everything would go right and it literally took us a day or so.

"We had to learn the scheme real quick to see how he would fit in and they talked about him playing WILL and we jumped on it."

Curtis admits he feels a bit guilty that this whole process has been moving so fast for his son due to him wanting to enroll early.

"I have to be honest, I apologized to him and I let him down from the standpoint that he was set to be at ASU and Jan 3 was the reporting date," Dozier said. "When that fell through I think he was kind of living it up and I should have made it clear that every day was borrowed time because we were pursuing schools to get him going.

"From that standpoint I think it was all kind of thrown at him really quick and even now we had to talk to him last night and talk about how other kids have more time to adjust because other kids come in June."

From the viewpoint of the coaching staff, Dozier enrolling early is actually an advantage for him because it will give him a leg up on the competition.

"The coaches told him he actually has the advantage because he is going to be a whole semester ahead of the other freshmen by the time they come, so he has quite an advantage over the incoming freshmen and he should be tickled to death about it," Dozier said.

The Doziers had an opportunity to talk with the majority of Arizona's coaching staff, including new defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel, and says they were both very impressed with what they heard.

"We talked to him on Friday night," Curtis said of Casteel. "He is a bundle of energy and we like him. All across the board they have a great situation. The strength coach is phenomenal.

"I can't tell you how excited I am for my kid to be a part of it. It is going to take some time to get his guys in here and do some things, but once he gets his pieces and they get the new facility up by next year it is going to be another recruiting tool and they are going to do well."

Curtis Dozier sees success for Arizona in the future and says that he simply wants to be a part of an up and coming program.

"We love all the coaches and their enthusiasm," he said. "Coach Rodriguez just hired an awesome staff across the board and I think they are really going to get after it. I think they are really going to make some noise and we want to be a part of it."

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