Davis twins enjoy visit

Arizona received a visit from Chris and Demitrious Davis this weekend. Read on to see their thoughts on the visit, where they stand now, and more.

Arizona hosted a pair of Pittsburgh commits in twin brothers Chris and Demitrious Davis, as both visited the Wildcats this weekend and came away impressed with what they saw.

Chris, a 5-foot-8, 188-pound receiver from Youngstown (Ohio) Fitch says that the visit was an overall success.

"The visit to Arizona went real well," Davis said. "We sat down with the coaches and stuff and talked and it went well."

Davis says that he and his brother, a 5-foot-10, 182-pound receiver, decided that Arizona would play a factor in their recruitment as soon as Tony Gibson left Pittsburgh for Tucson.

"We decided to visit Arizona when Tony Gibson came from Pittsburgh to Arizona because we have always had a good relationship with him and he is my main recruiter," Chris said.

In terms of what impressed Chris, he says that the new coaching staff definitely made an impression on him.

"I was impressed with how there is support for the team and I like the whole coaching staff, especially Coach Rodriguez," he said.

While Davis considers himself a Pittsburgh commit, he does admit that he has a few things to think about.

"I am still 100 percent committed, but I have to go home and talk it over with my family and see what they think is the best for me," he said.

Davis also has to get to know the new Pitt coaching staff and says he had a brief experience doing that last weekend.

"I talked to them last Sunday," he said. "They did not have their whole staff there but the ones that I met seemed pretty cool."

Arizona will be trying to get Davis to switch due in large part to the fact that he will have an opportunity to contribute right away.

"Arizona told me we would probably play early because they have not really ran that offense, so they definitely need some slot guys," Davis said.

Now Davis will go home and talk things over with his brother and the rest of his family, but has a good idea of when he wants everything completed.

"I am hoping I will have a final decision in the next week or two," he said.

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