Player Grades: Arizona vs. Utah

Arizona used a big second half and numerous impressive individual performances to defeat Utah on Thursday. Read on to see hand out its grades.

Kyle Fogg: Fogg scored 12 points and added six assists and three rebounds while not turning the ball over. He also had a sequence in which he hit two consecutive three-pointers that seemed to inject life into the Wildcats. Fogg does not need to be a 20-point scorer because these types of games are much more valuable than those. However, the competition level needs to be kept in mind and his performance against Utah needs to be matched against Colorado.

Grade: A

Jesse Perry: Perry finished with 10 rebounds against a decent big man in Jason Washburn. Perry only finished with six points, but his scoring was not needed as much as his rebounding and defense. It was nice to see Perry aggressive on the glass once more, as he seemed to control the paint on the defensive glass while also adding three offensive rebounds. It will be interesting to see if he can expand on this game.

Grade: A

Kevin Parrom: It was nice to see Parrom put together a strong game and he was absolutely one of the main reasons that the Wildcats were able to come up with the win. Parrom finished with 12 points in 19 minutes and many of the shots were big ones. It is asking a lot of Parrom to do this consistently, but Thursday was a huge step in the right direction. We don't know what we are going to get from him every game, but we know when he plays well Arizona is a much better team.

Grade: A

Nick Johnson: Johnson is another player that got hot during Arizona's big second-half run, as he finished with 11 points on 4-7 shooting. Unfortunately, he also turned the ball over due to a few passes that he had no business making. If Johnson can keep those turnovers down and keep being aggressive, he will continue to be valuable to this team.

Grade: B

Josiah Turner: Turner finished with ten points and made smart decisions throughout the night, only turning the ball over once. When he plays within himself, Turner is much more successful at running the offense and Arizona is obviously a better team. Sometimes Turner has difficulty playing within the offense, but he definitely played well on Thursday and was extremely effective.

Grade: B

Jordin Mayes: Mayes finished with eight points and did not do much else, but that seems to be the norm for him. If Mayes scores a few buckets and does not turn the ball over, we feel he is much more effective than when he tries to do too much. Mayes is the type of player that is not good enough to have a major impact on the game and that really is not a major issue as long as he is not negatively effecting it.

Grade: C

Solomon Hill: You can argue that Hill did not deserve to be ejected from the game, but it is difficult to argue that what he did was not a terrible decision. Hill could have cost his team greatly, but lucky for him Arizona went in the opposite direction. Not only that, but Hill shot 1-7 with five points and three fouls. For a player wanting to be the leader and player to step up, he sure made a bad impression on Thursday.

Grade: F

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