Ashley confident in Wildcats

Brandon Ashley has seen plenty of Arizona games this season. Read on to see how he is doing at Findlay, his thoughts on the Wildcats and his role next year, and more.

Arizona fans are already excited about forward Brandon Ashley, as the 2012 five-star athlete will fill a major void at Arizona next season. was in attendance for Ashley's game against Bishop Gorman and although Ashley did not play well, he was happy that Findlay got the 73-61 win.

"I did not really come out performing the way I wanted to, but my team came out and they really handled business," Ashley said. "A 12-point team against one of the top teams in the country coming after a win against Simeon and I am excited to get this win."

Ashley has had a solid season, but admits that he has not been playing at the level that he would like due in large part to the major adjustment he has had to make.

"It has been a huge adjustment honestly," Ashley said. "Separating from your family and taking the next step coming close to college is a huge help.

"I have had an alright season. It has not really gone the way I want it to, but I feel that is what every player is going to say. Not every player thinks they ever play as good as they want to play."

In addition, the fact that Ashley plays with elite players helps as well. He says that in addition to the games helping him improve, he has learned plenty in practice as well.

"Practices alone make you a better player," he said. "We play against future pros and in practice face guys like Anthony Bennett and Winston Shepard. We get after it and then coming out and playing Simeon and Gorman and those teams helps a lot."

Ashley tries to see as many Arizona games as possible and believes the team has played well considering what parts it has.

"The team is great," Ashley said. "They just don't have a lot of size on their team and that is something they are going to struggle with. They have to play Jesse Perry at the five and the other teams have a lot of size. They are still competing and handling business like I expect them to."

Ashley should have plenty of opportunity to play at Arizona next year, but says he does not get too excited when he sees the Wildcats' need for size.

"You never think like that because no matter what size, skill level, and all that, the guys on the team now go hard," Ashley said. "For me to get a spot, I am still going to have to compete regardless of my skill level, size, and all that."

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