Getting to know T.D. Gross

Read on to get to know offensive lineman T.D. Gross, including a scouting report on what type of player the Wildcats are getting.

Favorite NFL team: San Diego Chargers

Favorite player: Rob Gronkowski. Even though he's not a Charger he's a great tight end.

Favorite musician: Toby Keith

Favorite thing to do in spare time: Go to the beach

Team looking forward to playing the most: USC Favorite Food: Mexican food (burritos)

Favorite movie: Tombstone

Role model: My dad

Best sports memory: Last football season we beat our big rival for the first time in six years.

Signing Day plans: I'm going down to the Hall of Champions in San Diego to sign with a couple of other guys around here that will be playing college football as well.

Scouting Report: Gross actually played plenty of tight end in high school, but has plans to be an offensive lineman at the next level.

In order to do that, he will almost certainly have to redshirt in order to gain weight and get stronger. The positive aspect of this is that he has the frame to do so and could be an interesting player with a few years of conditioning.

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