Georges sees natural fit

Key West wide receiver Clive Georges feels like he is a great fit at Arizona. Read on to see why, how Arizona found him, and more.

Key West (Fla.) wide receiver Clive Georges may have gone under the radar for the majority of the recruiting process, but Arizona certainly does not mind. After all, the Wildcats were able to get one of the better receivers in Florida and a player that has the speed to contribute right away.

While Florida and Arizona are not close, Georges says that he has no problem leaving home and making his way to Tucson.

"Location does not really matter," Georges said. "If I go away it is more likely that I would want to stay there rather than coming back home."

According to Georges, one of the main reasons that he was under the radar was due to the fact that his coach only wanted to introduce him to the recruiting process when he felt Georges was ready.

"My coach knows how recruiting works and knows when to put players out there," Georges said. "Once he felt I was ready, he started to put my name out there."

As far as the timing goes, it is no coincidence that Georges' head coach decided that he was ready to play college football.

"In the beginning I just played football to play, but then I started to realize I was pretty good and I got serious about it," Georges said. "Once my coach felt I reached a certain level, he put my name out there."

Key West head coach Jerry Hughes actually has a history with Rich Rodriguez, thus Arizona was one of the first schools to get a call about Georges.

"They came down and wanted to make sure I was the right height and all that," Georges said. "Then they offered me once they saw me in person and had an opportunity to talk to me."

Georges feels like Arizona is the perfect fit, as Rodriguez runs an offense similar to what Georges was a part of in high school.

"We actually run the same type of offense at Key West," he said. "Once I saw the video of the type of offense Arizona is going to run, I definitely liked it because I am familiar with it."

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