Parks comfortable with coaches

William Parks did not know where he was headed when Todd Graham left Pitt. Read on to see how he wound up at Arizona, what he thinks about leaving home, and more.

There was a time during the coaching transition at Pitt that 6-foot-1, 175-pound Philadelphia Germantown cornerback William Parks did not know what his future would hold.

He waited for the new coaching staff at Pitt to call and as he waited, he received a call from a familiar face. A month or so later, Parks was a Wildcat.

"It is a sigh of relief," Parks said of being able to end his recruitment. "You finally know where you are going for the next four or five years. You get to relax and look forward to everything down the road."

Parks admitted that once Todd Graham left Pitt, he was not sure where is recruitment was headed until Gibson called.

"It was not stressful, but I was lost for words because I did not know if I was going to stay and see who the coaches were or just look around," Parks said. "The new coaches at Pitt did not get in contact with me right away, so there was a lot going on through my head.

"Finally Coach Gibson called me again and we had a great relationship and he has a great relationship with my dad."

Parks is drawn to playing for Gibson because he feels comfortable with the coach due in large part to his honesty.

"I would say he is a calm, collective guy that keeps it real with me," Parks says of Gibson. "he treats his players like his own son and is an up-front guy."

While Parks was slated to play close to home, he says location is not much of a factor to him and could benefit him in the long run.

"Going away is better for me because all I know is Philadelphia," Parks said. "Leaving there I get to see different things and competition and it is a great feeling."

A person that contributes to that great feeling is Rich Rodriguez, who Parks automatically felt comfortable with.

"Coach Rodriguez is the type of coach that you don't have to talk to him for a whole year straight and if you call him one day, he will still talk to you the same way he did before," Parks said. "He is a real guy and kids like me look for that and he is a faith based coach."

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