More than football for Melvin

Most people know Dwight Melvin as a football player, but he is much more than that. Read on to see why, his thoughts on joining Arizona, and more.

Laveen (Ariz.) Betty H. Fairfax defensive lineman Dwight Melvin went to an Arizona camp last summer and knew that he wanted to be a Wildcat soon after.

"They had a camp and I went there and performed well and I knew that I wanted to go to Arizona," Melvin said. "I waited for the offer and made sure it was the right decision and then went from there."

Mike Stoops was the coached that offered the 6-foot-1, 265-pound lineman and admits that it was not easy when he found out that he would have a new head coach at the UA.

"It was difficult because Mike Stoops and I clicked because he was a defensive guy and I play defense," Melvin said. "When I found out he was fired it was kind of devastating and then a week after Rodriguez came in I took my official and he was a cool guy.

"We clicked right away and had a great talk on my visit and we have had good conversations since then as we try to get to know each other and all that."

Melvin is able to play numerous positions and although he may have played more defensive end in high school, it is not a guarantee he will play that same position in college.

"They do not know what position they want me to play and told me that they will figure it out when I get there, but wherever they want me to play I will play," Melvin said.

For Melvin, life is about much more than football and he has proven that with what he has done off the field.

"A few of the player donated four or five hundred bucks to a grade school and we ended up going down there to read to the kids and they enjoy having us there," Melvin said. "I really feel like we did something great for the community and it feels great."

Melvin has used what he has learned on and off the field in order to make sure that he benefits the community in some way.

"Growing up I really did not have too much, so when people gave stuff or donated to me, we were grateful," he said. "When I was given that same opportunity, I was happy that I was in a position to help kids and I know they enjoyed it and all the coaches did too."

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