Getting to know Keoni Bush-Loo

Hawaii athlete Keoni Bush has a great answer when asked about his role model. Read on to see that answer, his highlight reel, and more.

Favorite NFL team: I really don't have a favorite NFL team. I'm rooting for the Giants in the Super Bowl though.

Favorite player: Rob Gronkowski

Favorite musician: I listen to a variety of music, but I'm looking forward to listening to the local music.

Favorite thing to do in spare time: I like to do a lot of things, but basically hang out with friends and have fun.

Team looking forward to playing: ASU and USC at the Coliseum one year.

Favorite meal: Chicken Katsu

Favorite movie: The Blindside

Role Model: Most people look up to older people, but I look up to my younger brother. He goes through a lot, he has scoliosis and he's not going to be able to play football. That doesn't stop him from doing well in the classroom or just playing other sports. He tries his hardest in everything and he has no excuses and he just lives every day.

Favorite sports memory: My sophomore year we won the state championship. My last game of my senior year was the league championship game. It came down to the last play on the one-yard line and we lost, but there were a lot of fun memories from that game.

Signing Day plans: Me and my family will wake up and have breakfast. I'll sign and take a couple of pictures and give my friends some leis. After that we'll talk about things and I'll head back to school and get my school work done.

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