2012 Class: A Closer Look

Rich Rodriguez took time to break down his first class at Arizona. Read on to see what he says about each player.

Jamar Allah: "Defensive back is probably one of our biggest needs, both cornerbacks and safeties. He is big enough to play both. He is an athletic guy, a tough player. He is also a solid kick returner from up the road in Phoenix."

Javelle Allen: "He is a quarterback that probably was under the radar a little bit, but if you look at his numbers, he had a great senior year. He ran for a lot of yards at an outstanding high school program in Prosper, Texas and a very, very good athlete.

"He played basketball, was a track guy, and has good size. He reminds me of some of the guys we have had at that position. He is probably not as fast as Denard Robinson or Pat White, but very few people were. He can throw the football and is a very good athlete."

Jarrell Bennett: "Jarrell is one of the fastest guys we signed. He is a little slot receiver that was already committed when we got the job. 5-10 might be stretching it a little bit, he is closer to 5-8 or 5-9.

"160 pounds would be if he had all of his gear on and somebody jumping on his back. He is a fast guy, a great returner, loves football and I love his personality and he is a very exciting football player."

Beau Boyster: "He was one of the first commitments here before we took over. He has been a long time U of A commit and a great personality. We are looking at him as a guard, but he may be able to play center as well.

"He was a guy that really did a nice job in the interim when there was no permanent coach from midseason of trying to keep the recruits together. When I took the job, he was one of the first guys I called because I heard he was acting as the de-facto recruiting coordinator."

Cayman Bundage: "May be one of the most athletic linemen that we signed. He is a big guy, not real tall, but probably can play all three positions, both guards and the center. He was an all-state player in Oklahoma, very strong, very quick feet, really good football player."

Keoni Bush-Loo: "He is a big tight end that can probably play defensive end as well. We have a need for a tight end, so we will certainly try to keep him here at that position. He is 6-foot-4, 240 and can probably grow into being 250, 260. Very good athlete, and a good defensive player as well."

Wayne Capers Jr: He is from Pennsylvania and a little bit under the radar. He got hurt his junior year, so basically missed his whole junior year and then was banged up quite a bit his senior year. He is a very good athlete and outstanding basketball player. He had several I think mid-major basketball offers as well as football.

"He played quarterback, we are looking at him as an athlete. We have a need obviously at receiver and safety. He will probably, because we have a bigger need at safety, that will be the first position we look at him as."

Dakota Conwell: "Coach Gibson had a relationship with a lot of these guys from the past year or two from recruiting that area. Dakota's father Dane was a teammate of mine at West Virginia way back then. Dane was an outstanding player and a tough guy and Dakota is the same way.

"Another guy that played quarterback, but we are looking at him as a linebacker. He can run, he is an athletic guy, one of the best players in western Pennsylvania, so we think he has a great future here."

Dylan Cozens: "I don't want to say he is under the radar, but he only played football for one year under Charlie Ragle. We felt he was one of the best defensive ends I saw in high school this year, period. I think he has a great upside.

"He is a tough guy, he is athletic, he's an outstanding baseball player and he is the kind of football player I think we can build a program around from the standpoint that he has a high motor and he loves the game and we are just really excited about Dylan. He is a guy that can rush the passer and still learn the game."

C.J. Dozier: "He is another outstanding linebacker prospect. He really runs well. He is right in the middle of our workouts now and doing a nice job. We thought he was one of the better players we saw on film and we were lucky to get in on him in the last month or so."

Clive Georges: "I don't want to say he is new to football, but really his upside is really high because he played a little bit his freshman and sophomore year and as a junior he was there, but his senior year he took another big leap.

"His high school coach is a longtime friend of mine that I used to know as an assistant back at West Virginia, Jerry Hughes. They have a lot of fast guys, but he thought this guy was one of the fastest he has had on several years. He will be one of the fastest 100 meter guys in the state of Florida and I think he will be a great addition to us."

Trey Griffey: "Trey was another guy that was always a good athlete, but his senior year he kind of took off. He played in a very good high school program and caught 72 passes. He has pretty good genes, a pretty athletic family as you can imagine with his father and his grandfather. He has good speed and outstanding ball skills. He has great ball skills and is an outstanding competitor."

T.D. Gross: "He is probably the one tackle that we signed this class. He played mostly tight end and his dad was his head coach, so he has been well coached and well groomed. He comes from an athletic family, his sister was a basketball star as well.

"T.D. is going to be a big guy. I don't know if he is 275 now, but he will be that in a hurry, he is an athletic, tough individual and fits a big need for us at the tackle position."

Bryan Harper: "An outstanding athlete that played quarterback, can play receiver, could play safety, could play corner, return kicks. One of the best athletes we thought we saw on film and a great young man.

"He is a guy that you can watch his film, talk to him, and see how competitive he is. Harper is a great young man and a very good athlete. We are not sure exactly where we are going to put him at, but we think he can contribute on both sides."

Zach Hemmila: "He is a tough guy that plays hard and you can see that he loves football. He is a guy that coach Anae identified early and liked and fortunately he stayed with us as well. Zach may be a center prospect, we will probably start him off as guard."

Cody Ippolito: "He can probably fill a couple roles. We will probably look at him as a MIKE linebacker, may also play some fullback for us in short yardage situations. He is a tough individual. Cody had knee surgery after the season, so he is a possible candidate for a greyshirt.

"It looks like most guys in this situation would not be ready to work out or train, so Cody may be delaying his enrollment until January just so he can get the full use of his eligibility time. Cody is a good football player and a tough guy."

Kyle Kelley: "He is a great pass rusher. We think one of our needs is pass rushing and every coach will tell you if you have guys that can rush the passer and corners that can cover, you can do just about anything defensively. Kyle can rush the passer, he is a defensive end. 230 pounds, a high motor guy, an outstanding athlete, a tough individual and he and Cozens give us two really good defensive end pass rush guys in this class."

Josh Kern: "We really like Josh. He is probably bigger than 190 and every bit of 6'5. He is probably over 200 pounds and he can throw the football and runs. He is a willing runner. He likes to mix it up in there and is a very, very competitive guy. He is a very intelligent guy and a tough individual. With Josh and Javelle, the way our quarterback situation is, they are going to get opportunities to get reps and compete. I think he will have a great career here."

Anthony Lopez: "I am not sure what position we will play him at. He played running back, he can play slot receiver and he can maybe fill a need for us at safety. We will kind of figure that as we go along because he was a pretty good DB in high school as well, one of the most productive guys in the state."

Dwight Melvin: "Not a real tall guy, but a real tough individual that can probably play inside as well as outside. Really like Dwight. He is an outstanding football player, great young man, and I think he is going to have a great career."

Will Parks: "We really liked his athleticism. He is athletic enough to play corner, big enough to be a safety potential. He is also an outstanding running back as well, but we are going to have him as defensive back because that is our biggest need right now, but Will Parks is a really good football player."

Yamen Sanders: "This guy is every bit of 6'4. His dad is about 6'9 and played basketball at USC. He comes from pretty good genes. Yamen is going to be a big man. He is probably going to be 220, 225 pounds in a couple of years. In our defense we run a three safety defense and he can probably play two of those safety positions at 225 pounds, so we are pretty excited about him."

Leo Thomas: "Another big safety, maybe can play corner as well. We will probably look at him as both. He is very, very productive with seven interceptions. His high school coach, Gary Green, played in the NFL a long time and has done a tremendous job at Sam Houston high School in San Antonio.

"It is an inner city school and really has changed the culture of that school. He got there four years ago when Leo was a freshman and Leo credits him and his coaching staff for turning everything around. He is a great young man, really excited to be here and excited to have him."

Brian Wagner: "We brought him in because we have a huge need at linebacker. We only had four linebackers on scholarship on the team and normally you carry about 12. Our numbers were needed there, we wanted to get a guy with experience and Brian is as tough, physical guy. He has been one of the leaders in the country in tackles, so he is enrolled now and doing well."

J.T. Washington: "He is a guy that was committed to another school. Coach Lockwood got here and had been recruiting him. We were looking for another guy that would fit our offense, kind of a one back fast guy that can make plays in space and also return kicks. He is a very explosive athlete and a lot of fun to watch."

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