Rodriguez gives insight into class

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez gave some insight into how he approached his first class at Arizona. Read on to see his thoughts on the process, recruits looking around, and more.

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez met with the media after completing his first recruiting class at the UA and was able to offer some perspective on the incoming athletes.

In terms of his approach, Rodriguez admitted that the class will not normally consist of players from so many different states.

"Can we recruit nationally at the University of Arizona?" Rodriguez asked. "I would like to think so. But are we at the point where with some of the guys that traditionally recruit nationally, can we beat them for kids in their backyard? Probably not, not at this point.

"We won't have this many players from this many states, this many time zones in the future. Now three, four, five years from now in the future we may be able to do that and we can just say hey we are the University of Arizona and they will say when can I visit. I don't know if we are at that point right now and I would like to think we are going to get there."

Rodriguez has had to travel more than most head coaches and gave an example of what last week was like for him.

"Last week I went from Tucson to Youngstown to Pittsburgh to D.C. to Jersey to New York, down to Orlando, Key West, Naples, New Orleans, San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix, and back in three and a half days," Rodriguez said. "I can only see the guys one time, but the assistant can see them six times. When I get a day with an assistant coach, they work their tail off."

One noticeable aspect of Arizona's class is that Rodriguez chose not to sign any junior college prospects even though a lot of coaches in his position would.

"I think we will always look at them," Rodriguez said. "I don't ever think we will take a lot. Can we take two or three to fill a need and help our program? We can. Academically they have to be accepted into school and our academic requirements are a little different than some other schools as far as getting JC guys in. That just means our degree is worth more too I think."

In addition, there have been numerous questions about Arizona's special teams next year and Rodriguez says he was simply unable to find a strong enough kicker to offer a scholarship.

"We have about ten on scholarship I think, so I figure we will find one of those ten that can kick," he joked. "I think we have three maybe, two or three, something like that. We will (offer one) though next year.

"If we thought one would be a no brainer that could come in and kick and be the guy, but those are usually hard to find. I have signed some that we thought were sure fire and weren't and some that I was not sure about and they became superstars."

Rodriguez was able to sign two quarterbacks and add one walk-on, but admits that he is nowhere near comfortable with the quarterback situation.

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