Nike Extravaganza Evaluations was in attendance for the Nike Extravaganza. Read on for evaluations of Gabe York, Grant Jerrett, Stanley Johnson, and more.

There were numerous Arizona targets in this weekend's Nike Extravaganza, each with varying performances.


Grant Jerrett: Jerrett was hampered by an ankle injury, but still showed some flashes of what he will be bringing to Arizona. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Jerrett showed great poise in the post and already has an array of post moves that players his age simply do not have. Mater Dei did a great job of making sure that it collapsed on Jerrett every time he got in the post, but Jerrett was able to match that by making smart plays and not forcing the action.

Gabe York: With all due respect to Orange Lutheran, the team literally runs no set plays, which is a shame. At times its offense seems like it is basically give the ball to York, get out of the way, and then see what happens. A casual observer may make an argument that York was a bit selfish, but the reality of the situation is that he needs to be and he would be better served if his team set a few screens when he actually did have the ball.

Moving on to his actual play, York did fine. His shot was not falling early, but he began to catch on late. York only went 5-19 from the field, but was able to get to the free throw line 13 times and still tried to find ways to score and get his teammates involved. It was an ugly 23 points for York and definitely not one of his better games, but we are not reading too much into it because there were still numerous flashes.


Isaac Hamilton: Hamilton and his St. John Bosco squad got blown out Mater Dei on Friday night and it was easily one of the worst games we have seen him play. Hamilton finished with a triple double, but not the kind you want, as it was with turnovers. Hamilton tried to push the pace and the play and often failed to do so, which resulted in the turnovers.

He played point guard and shooting guard as well, but it was difficult to differentiate what position Hamilton was better at. He is definitely more talented than what he showed on Friday night, but Hamilton is going to need better performances if he wants to be recruited by the elite high major schools.

Eric Cooper Jr.: When his jumper is falling, Cooper Jr. is a much better player and one in which you can see the potential in. Cooper came into the game wanting to shoot and he did a good job of coming off screens and showing a relatively quick release. What is impressive about Cooper is that while he may not have his complete athleticism back, he is smart enough to improve his jumper and work on that.

We aren't going to say that Cooper is an elite player, but he is somebody that has improved on his shooting and is turning into a very legit shooter from three-point range. Arizona fans should be intrigued about the progess Cooper has made and it is definitely something to keep a close eye on as he gets closer to being the player he once was.

Jordan Bell: Bell has not grown, but he has definitely put on some weight and is starting to fill out his frame nicely. As Bell gets stronger and figuring he keeps his athleticism, he is going to become more of a legitimate option in the post.

As of now, Bell is not an offensive threat. However, his defense ranks among the best in the country and he is going to force coaches to make a difficult choice. Do you risk the lack of offense for his strength on defense? Of course, if Bell continues to improve on offense, this is a moot point. However, he still has plenty of work to do in that regard and it will be interesting to see his offensive game this summer.


Stanley Johnson: Johnson did not dominate any games, but we were really impressed with him. Johnson had the defensive assignment on Jerrett for much of their game and did a nice job of not shying away from contact. Johnson was a major reason why Jerrett was never able to get comfortable on offense and deserves a ton of credit for that.

On offense, Johnson was his usual self. He has a solid mid-range jumper, but his strength is when he is closer to the basket. Johnson is working on being able to hit from behind the arc and took numerous shots, but never really got in a rhythm from there. He has plenty of time to get that going and if Johnson is able to hit from three at a consistent rate, he will be a much better player because of it.

Jahlil Okafor: Okafor was impressive to say the least. We're not sure there is a post player in any class that has the touch Okafor has in addition to his footwork. Okafor told us that he has been working on his hook shot and it definitely showed on Saturday night.

The idea that Okafor is already a sophomore and has the touch and ability he has is a scary thought for the teams that won't be able to land him. It is obvious why Arizona badly wants Okafor and why his recruitment will be one that every school in the country will be involved in.

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