Player Grades: Arizona vs. Utah

Arizona was able to defeat Utah in a close game on Saturday. Read on to see hand out its individual grades.

Solomon Hill: Hill was consistent throughout the game, which is more than his teammates can say. He finished with 14 points and 8 rebounds on 5-10 shooting and helped spark a late run that gave the Wildcats some momentum. Ever since Kevin Parrom went down, Arizona has asked a lot more of Hill and he has responded well.

For a player that did not seem to have much value at the next level, Hill is starting to make people think twice because he has often been the best player on the court the past few weeks. The UA will need Hill to continue his great play and at this point there is little reason to believe that he will not be able to continue to have success.

Grade: A

Brendon Lavender: We have said numerous times that Lavender has a role and as long as he fills that role and does what is asked of him, he is going to be successful. You could make a very legitimate argument that the only reason Arizona won on Saturday is because Lavender came in and gave Arizona a major momentum boost.

Lavender finished 4-5 from behind the arc and while he does not fill up the stat sheet, he really does not need to. He is likely the best shooter on the team and was able to give Arizona 24 solid minutes while making everything easier for his teammates as he forced Utah to respect his shooting ability. Lavender deserves a lot of credit for Arizona's win.

Grade: A

Nick Johnson: Johnson has been struggling and when Arizona needed him the most, he broke out of his slump. It was a remarkable effort for Johnson, who finished with 18 points, four rebounds, three assists, and no turnovers. The most impressive stat may be the fact that Johnson went 5-5 from the free-throw line, which is something that has not happened many times this season for any player on Arizona.

If Johnson can use Saturday's effort to get him going for the rest of the season, Arizona is going to be much better for it. There is a good chance that Johnson is going to be playing a lot more point whether Jordin Mayes gets healthy or not and if his turnovers are low and he is scoring, Johnson is going to be dangerous for any opponent.

Grade: A

Kyle Fogg: Fogg made the mistake of showing up late for the morning walk through and he deserves criticism for it. However, he did not let the discipline affect him and wound up finishing with 17 points and six steals. You would have liked to see Fogg shoot at a higher percentage and be more active against the zone, as 10 of his 14 shot attempts were from three. Still, Fogg got the crowd going a few times and his defense should be applauded in a game in which Arizona struggled on that side of the ball.

Grade: B

Josiah Turner: After Saturday's game, Miller said he would have liked to see Turner be more aggressive. Looking back at it, Miller seems to be right, as Turner struggled with figuring out the zone and was a little hesitant offensively. Still, he finished with seven assists and no turnovers despite not taking a shot from the field.

As Turner plays more, he will learn and there is not a lot of worry about a zone for the rest of the season. There is a good chance he will keep improving as the season goes on and considering there was once a point where Turner could have gone in the wrong direction, he deserves credit for the progress he has made this year.

Grade: B

Jesse Perry: Perry struggled throughout the game, as he seemed to be rushing things a bit and definitely did not take good care of the ball. Perry is a better player than he showed on Saturday, as he finished with eight points and seven rebounds. In reality, Perry could have had a better game, but struggled to get legitimate post position and hang on to the ball when he did.

Grade: C

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