Player Grades: Arizona vs. Washington State

Arizona was able to beat Washington State on Thursday in a difficult game. Read on to see grade Arizona's individual performances.

Brendon Lavender: At this point it is not a hot streak as much as it is simply Lavender playing up to his capabilities. He finished with 17 points on 5-8 shooting with each field goal coming from behind the arc. Lavender is turning into a difference maker for Arizona a player that you truly feel confident with shooting the ball.

If Lavender can continue to help Arizona stretch the defense, the Wildcats are going to be a much better team because of it. There were numerous times that he made Washington State pay in transition and that will likely be the case for a few more opponents this season as well. Simply put, Lavender deserves a ton of credit.

Grade: A

Kyle Fogg: You may not have realized until you looked at the box score after the game, but Fogg finished with a game-high ten rebounds. In a game in which there was plenty of height and one of the best big men in the conference, Arizona got a superb effort from Fogg on the glass, which helped the Wildcats outrebound the Cougars.

This was about as good of a game as Fogg has played in an Arizona uniform, as he only turned the ball over once. He does deserve some criticism for how he handled the end of the game, but you can also make the argument that it is not all that close if he doesn't put up the numbers that he did. Arizona needed Fogg to step up on the road and he did just that.

Grade: A

Solomon Hill: Hill absolutely could have played better, but he did enough to help Arizona win and came up in a few situations when Arizona needed him to most. Hill finished with 11 points and five rebounds in addition to four turnovers. He put in a ton of effort while guarding Brock Motum and the reality is that he was never going to shut him down.

Arizona will need Hill to score more in the future, but if he continues to be aggressive and help set the pace for Arizona, he will be just fine.

Grade: B

Jesse Perry: Perry had an interesting game because a look at the box score reveals a solid statistical game. He finished with 14 points, but struggled in a bad way with Motum and was never a factor on the glass, as evidenced by his two rebounds.

Perry made a few terrible plays and while his aggression was nice, it actually almost cost Arizona late. Perry is the type of player that needs to realize what his strengths are and stick to it. When he does that, he is one of Arizona's better players and the guess here is that he will be just fine for the rest of the season.

Grade: C

Angelo Chol: Chol struggled with Motum, as did the rest of the team and basically the entire conference. He had four fouls in only 18 minutes of action, but actually led the game in offensive rebounds with three. The key here is that Chol has definitely progressed as a player and while tough games are going to happen, he continues to improve in numerous aspects of his game.

Grade: C

Josiah Turner: Turner finished with eight points, but had more turnovers than assists, which is obviously something you do not want from your starting point guard. Still, he deserves credit for his fantastic pass to Perry near the end of the game and Turner generally played pretty well.

It is difficult to be too tough on him for a few turnovers because he is just a freshman. However, Arizona is going to need him in a big way down the stretch and his play as of late deserves some faith, as it has been strong enough for the Wildcats to succeed.

Grade: C

Nick Johnson: Johnson struggled on Thursday, finishing with as many turnovers as points. He shot 1-5 from the field and it was just an off game. There really are not a lot of ways to dissect it and Johnson has a good opportunity to come back and have a strong game against Washington on Saturday.

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